Wednesday, February 28, 2024
Pantry Inspiration



Designing a pantry can be so much fun, creating a space that is not only practical but shares your specific taste and styles the finest part. Having enough space to store a surplus of dry goods has become essential for every family due to the current crisis, however If there’s one thing we learned early on it was the importance of having a fully stocked pantry. Luckily we have endless options at our disposal to make that possible, People have used ingenious ways of storing their dry goods with organizers & sliding drawers, even folding cabinet doors to save on space.  Creative pantry designs can include a barn door slider, a hanging chandelier, floating shelves, a wine cooler, built-in cubbies to hide small appliances and much more. Some builders have designed the entire pantry to be hidden and creatively tucked out of sight, Your new pantry can not only be ultra functional but it can have the ascetics to match.

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Classic Pantry Style

Farmhouse Pantry Style

Modern Pantry Style

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Designing your own house plan gives you the flexibility to create your own Amazing Pantry