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Repurposing Foundations for Custom Barndominium Builds

Repurposing Foundations for Custom Barndominium Builds

Eager barndominium builders eyeing big price tag savings by adapting existing shed or barn foundations for fresh structures instead of pouring costly custom concrete risk severe budget-busting perils without caution. Numerous limiting factors demand evaluation concerning an old foundation’s viability to support new building loads and systems. Potential homeowners should consider lengthy delays, restorations costs or complete do-overs likely wiping out upfront savings hopes.

pole barn columns

Several key elements require assessment when contemplating existing slab or pier reuse:

– Condition – Check for cracks, crumbling corners, frost heaves indicating issues unable to sustain larger structures above like a barndo. Signs raise red flags.

– Code Compliance – Outdated footings fall shy of frost depth requirements and rebar reinforcing prevalent in modern foundation specifications necessary for structural integrity assurances.

– Dimension Planning – Floorplans must precisely conform to the parameters of existing foundations rather than ideal layouts. Restrictive footprints trigger compromises.

– Elevation Alignments – Heights likely won’t match coordination with drainage grades. Issues surface transitioning between addition builds and wings on unlevel legacy sites.

– Utility Integration – Modern power, HVAC, and plumbing systems prove extremely tricky retrofitting around and beneath dated slabs not designed for their volumes.

loft with seating area

When issues inevitably cascade project complexity, most builders ultimately resign to costly full foundation replacements wiping out intended cost savings but granting systems integration capability essential for barndominiums warranting special equipment. Expect similar turf-turning despite attempts utilizing existing structures beyond foundations too. The financial and scheduling risks vexing entire undertaking feasibility should give thrifty builders pause before committing plans banking on major foundation reuse. In this game, an ounce of concrete poured tops a pound patched later!

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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