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Steel Barndominium Kits: What Exactly Is Included!

Guiding Your Steel Barndo Build: What Do Those Kits Include Anyway?

Once you have your engineered Floor plans in your hands the very next step is going to be ordering the Kit. The plans are first scanned and configured to determine what steel pieces you’ll actually need based off the floor plans, their engineers look over it give it a stamp of approval and then you simply order and wait. The turnkey premise of pre-engineered barndominium kits centers on conveniently housing all key structural bones to erect the farming-inspired spaces within. But unpacking those deliveries still catches many first-time metal building owners off-guard without solid grasp of typical kit composition. Here we itemize everything arriving with typical “complete setups”, empowering smooth-and-easy assembly ahead.

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– Primary Frame Pieces
Sets include all necessary galvanized girts, rafters, sidewall columns, purlins and knee braces comprising the interconnected structural system engineered as whole buildings resist wind, seismic activity and snow crushing loads. These are produced from gauged tube steel or formed heavy plates bonded into strong I-beams, depending on design. Matched metal sheathing skins the skeleton.

– Roof and Wall Panels
Complete building envelope insulation and exteriors come formed into easily unfolding metal panels in varying widths from 4-8 feet. Roofing features onsite overlapped installation with underlayment and sealing tape included for water management down to gutters and fascia. Wall panel modes vary based on siding and insulation preferences. Stone coatings are common barndo exterior finishes.

Steel framing packaged and ready for delivery

– Anchor Hardware and Connectors
Nuts, bolts, clips, straps, base plates and accessories unite the structural members into super-assemblies with a mix of visible and hidden fastening methods. Occasionally wind uplift post-tension tie downs come included for bolting foundation mounting.

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– Windows and Doors
Barn-style sliding doors, windows and hardware browse like an ordering catalog for dropping into the structural grid wherever desired. Size options ranges widely from people-doors to big 12×14 feet garage openings. Some kits include insulation and trim others mount raw into studs.

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– Instructions and Forms
Binders tracking serial numbers, shop drawings, customer plans, erection sequencing checklists, inspection forms plus contact references ensure professional results through every build stages are common inclusions. Most suppliers assign hands-on project managers guiding install remotely as needed.

crew assembling a metal building

While huge in individual pieces, comprehensive kits deliver all the makings for complete metal-skinned barndominium structural success onsite for the DIY builder’s benefit. Just add locally sourced foundation, utilities and interior finishing and you have a Barndominium that is well on it’s way to being comlete that’s no easy order for a DIY build, theres no doubt that it takes hard work to build a home. Maybe a Barndominium kit is just what you’ve been looking for. Head on over to Buildmax.com to see what kits are avaliable today!

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Aaron Scott
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