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Barndominium Floor Plans

Barndominium Floor Plans

When it comes to building a house, there are so many factors to consider. Is building a house the best route for you or should you just buy? Where should you build your house? What size, style, and layout are you going to want? The questions are endless and the entire process can be overwhelming. The first step you should take once you’ve decided to build is to buy floor plans.

What makes barndominiums different from conventional homes?

Barndominiums, shophouses, farmhouses, cottages – the list is endless for the different styles of homes. The typical style home you will see will vary by which region of the United States you are in, but the thing with barndominiums is that they can be practical and classy no matter where they’re built. Maybe you’re thinking that barndominiums are more of a Southern style, and sometimes they are. However, they aren’t limited to the South and neither is their style. Barndominiums and conventional style homes can both provide what you’re looking for, but barndominiums boast open spaces that are perfect for open floor plans. It can be a ranch style house or two-story, it can have a garage or not, essentially it can offer anything your other “regular” home can, but with added elegance and style that will set you apart from everyone in your neighborhood.

Barndominiums can be used for a variety of things, from living to businesses. Something common here in Kentucky is using barndos for wedding venues. The appeal is in the rustic charm and sleek elegance that barndominiums can offer, making it perfect for celebrating a marriage. Barndominiums offer much more open space than conventional homes are typically designed to, so if you love open floor plans, you’ve hit the jackpot!

How do I choose the right plan?

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When it comes to selecting a barndominium house plan – or any house plan for that matter – you need to think about what you want out of a home. Do you want plenty of space to grow a family? Do you want more space for your hobbies or offices? Do you want a large garage or a shop to work in? There are so many factors that go into selecting the right house plan. House layouts are very important when building a house because you don’t want to get stuck with something that will annoy you or that you find impractical. For example, if you are worried that as you age, you may not be able to get around as you used to, maybe a ranch style house will be the best. Ranch style houses are also great if you have young kids who seek out any and all forms of danger, or if you just really don’t like stairs (guilty – I blame my bad knees).

If you work from home, you’ll probably want a nice space to call your office that is away from the more active parts of the house. If you have several cars or you know you’ll have people coming to visit frequently, a bigger garage is probably best. If you live on a farm or enjoy hunting, you may want space separate from your garage that would be perfect for storing your equipment. Maybe you want your parents to live with you but want them to have their own space and be independent.

No matter what you’re looking for, what you need can be combined into the perfect house plan for you. There are already so many great barndominium floor plans, but if you don’t find one you love, you can also modify it to be what you want. Say you see a plan and love it, but you really love the garage on a different plan? That can be done for you. You don’t have to compromise when it comes to finding the right home plan for you – and you shouldn’t. You’re building a home that you likely want to live in for the rest of your life, or at least for the next several years. Don’t feel like you have to settle just because you don’t see a plan that instantly fits what you want as it is. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to selecting the right barndominium house plan for you, BuildMax has project managers who are passionate about helping you make your dream a reality.

What will the interior look like?

Many people may hear the word “barndominium” and think that means that it will look like a regular barn that you drive past through the countryside. However, barndominiums can look however you want them to look on the interior. Many people love the exterior of barndominiums because it gives a sense of rustic charm and elegance that many other homes fail to deliver. The interior can do just the same. With the wide open spaces that barndominium homes offer, they are perfect for people looking for a modern house. The interior is the same as conventional houses, even if the exterior may have you believing otherwise. Even when you opt for a metal building, the interior will still be stick-built and will function just the same as any other house you’d find. Some people lean into the “country” aspect associated with barndominiums while others opt for something bright and airy, more akin to the modern open floor plan houses that sprinkle the housing markets these days. Maybe you want it to feel like a relaxing retreat? Maybe you want to go for something dark and moody? The possibilities are endless and there’s enough space for you to accomplish whatever look you’re going for.

Some of our clients have truly made their barndominiums look like retreats. Seeing the pictures, I could hardly believe that they were of their home and not a cozy cabin that you’d rent on a trip to the mountains. Others have decorated them all in white, making the space feel bright and crisp, as though you were leaving your worries behind at the door.  Every time a client tells us they are building and will send us pictures, we get so excited because we get to watch their dream come to life and we get to see how it will reflect their personalities.

No matter what kind of life you live and what you want your home to look like, there is a barndominium floor plan out there for you. Whether it’s a ranch style house or a two story, whether it has a garage or not, there are plenty of plans that will pique your interest. Keeping in mind what you will need your home to have for it to fit you perfectly is essential when looking for a house plan, so keep that in mind as you begin this exciting journey. Just remember that if you can’t find something you’re looking for, we can customize a plan to include what you’re wanting. You shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than what you’re dreaming of.

As a Internet visionary in the early 2000’s, Tony has developed several successful web-based homebuilding companies assisting thousands of families across the nation. He has been married to his high school sweetheart Arlene for 40 years. They live in rural Kentucky near their two adult children and four grandchildren.
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