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Steel Frame Barndos Deliver Double the Lifespan Over Wood

Steel Frame Barndos Deliver Double the Lifespan Over Wood

When planning a new barndominium build or agricultural barn conversion, a pivotal early decision involves framing materials. Steel structure kits fast track projects with pre-cut pieces ready to assemble into durable shells. But owners focused on classic barn aesthetics might overlook steel’s structural superiority choosing wood framing instead. While costlier upfront, steel outperforms wood dramatically long-term thanks to 2-3 times the lifespan before major renovations become necessary.

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Real World Steel Frame Expectations

Properly engineered, galvanized steel barns like those Buildmax provides defend against all natural elements with 50+ year lifespans conservatively estimated, the worst to happen to the steel if exposed to the elements is a minimal amount of surface rust that will buff right off. However Comprehensive weathering treatments prevent rust and corrosion issues even facing extreme winds, snow loads and freezing temperatures so if taken care of there’s no concern at all. Robust steel columns and roof trusses like in the pictures are stout and super over-engineered to resist sagging or buckling under fantastically tremendous weights and pressures that the house would never be subject to in real-Life. Light-gauge steel panelized wall enclosures bring further insultation efficiency to the barndominum sealing the skeletonized steel frame sealed off nicely from the elements.

Wood Frame Limitations

Wood may mimic traditional homebuilding methods but carries caveats, Over time with constant sun and weather beating down on the wood it will begin to deteriorate and breakdown eventually looking like the above image. Constant expansion/contraction cycles stress frame joints while moisture penetration inevitably decays boards from the inside out despite protective stains or wraps. Musty barn smells often indicate underlying slow mold or rot accumulation even in new construction. And invasive pest destruction proves impossible to halt fully regardless of vigilance. Most wood barndominiums require major renovations or complete teardowns before hitting 35 years old.

Buildmax Steel Barndominium Kits

Buildmax offers pre-engineered barndominium kits with structural steel framing and insulated roof and wall metal panels for all their model floor plans. Homeowners gain weather-tight foundations for focused interior finish work rather than complex structure construction site demands. Kits including supplemental lumber, windows, fasteners and diagrams start under $20 per square foot. Choose a custom Barndominium floor plan or pre-designed stock designs too!

For longevity matching the generations of family memories made inside, discerning barndominium builders overwhelmingly favor sturdy steel over wood. Metal barn kits simplify builds for strength standing the test of time.

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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