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The cost and space of a 1500sqft Barndominium

Constructing a 1,500 Sq Ft Barndominium – Budgeting and Spatial Perspectives

As the barndominium phenomenon continues blossoming into a popular fixture of contemporary rural living, many middle-class families find the typical 3-4 bedroom floorplans spanning 1,200-1,600 square feet align well with needs without massive footprints. But what might a family of four reasonably expect to invest erecting a new 1,500 sq ft barndominium from bare ground up?

Project Cost Overview:

Based on 2021 construction data for basic single family homes, current per square foot building costs average around $100-$175 depending on finishes and geography. Applying that range, a turnkey 1,500 sq ft barndominium home would total:

• On the affordable end, around $150,000
• On the mid-range end, approximately $225,000

Since barndominiums utilize cost-saving metal structures and versatile open floorplans, they ultimately price 5-15% less than conventional houses. But unique layouts make direct comparisons tricky.

Spatial Perspectives on 1,500 Sq Ft

For families wrangling is 1,500 square feet a sufficiently livable long term barndo footprint? For perspective, that equates to an approximate:

• Three large bedrooms around 12’x12’ each
• Two full bathrooms
• Great room/Living room combo around 20’x25’
• Spacious open concept kitchen and dining room
• Mudroom, laundry and utility storage

white barndominium floor plan with wraparound porch

To visualize, this floorplan scale Buildmax provides 3d walkthroughs of their Barndominium floor plan designs. just to give an idea 1500sqft nearly matches a modest suburban single story house. Yet interior height and layout flexibility aid functionality for most barndo families not needing oversized footprints. Outdoor buildings like shops expand space as needed.

white barndominium plan bmv2640 with wraparound porch

Building within average rural construction cost ranges while maximizing smart layouts, Barndominiums help families secure wonderful country living escaping cramped neighborhoods. Just 1,500 square feet crafted around their priorities flawlessly suits needs for years while avoiding wasted expense on unnecessary excess space. The scale feels just right.

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott is a freelance writer and researcher that has written hundreds of articles for online companies in the area of construction, design, finance and automotive. He's a Southern boy that enjoys creek fishing, hunting and camping. He's rarely seen without his trusted beagle hound "Scooter"
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