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The Wild West Barndominium Boom is in full swing


The Wild West Barndominium Boom is On

Originally concentrated within America’s Midwestern heartland, the barndominium phenomenon that merges agricultural utility with residential living now conquers territories Out West in equal measure. From desert locales to mountains and coastal enclaves, steel barns gain traction as in-demand lifestyle homes built sustainably to match local climate needs. Barndominiums are popping up all over the country in huge numbers thanks to steel frame Barndominium kits that can be constructed much quicker than a traditional wood framed home, Allowing for more barndominiums to be constructed at a rate never witnessed before in the industry. Having Quality Barndominium Floor Plans is the first step on a journey to owning your own Barndominium. 


Barndos Go Green All Along The West Coast 

Environmentally conscientious construction proves essential across drought-prone Western states. Water capturing metal roofs, xeric landscaping, solar power supplements and rainwater cisterns accompany robust envelope insulation like structurally insulated panels (SIPs). Passive solar techniques using ample properly positioned glazing, thermal mass materials and daylighting reduce electricity demands too. Careful regional material selection and green certifications classify the best barndos here. With Solar Panels being produced cheaper than ever before access to panels and lithium batteries for energy storage has increased 10x fold in the past few years and it shows no signs of slowing, Green innovations are here to stay it seems.

black barndominium with wraparound porch

Desert Barndos Defeat Heat and Dust

From Texas through Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada, oversized tuned mass dampers counteract thermal oscillations. Night ventilation flushes stored solar heat. Insulated reflective roof coatings block UV rays while rain chains limit erosive runoff near landscaping. Strategies like rammed earth walls, evaporated cooling towers, phantom screen systems and pool pump sand filters also filter dusty air from entering.

white barndominium shophouse with wraparound porch

Mountain Barndos Brave Heavy Snows

Elevations across the Rockies and Sierra Range demand steeply pitched roofs preventing heavy snow buildup. Durable standing seam metal or rubber roofing resists the weight and powers through the freeze-thaw-cycle too. Supplemental radiant heating paired with thicker insulation keeps interiors warmer through winter as well. Cupolas aid essential ventilation year-round.

black barndo

The innovative pioneer spirit remains strong out West, where barndominium living thrives sustainably across every unique landscape. Pastoral barndominium homes matching bioregion needs prosper coast-to-coast!

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott is a freelance writer and researcher that has written hundreds of articles for online companies in the area of construction, design, finance and automotive. He's a Southern boy that enjoys creek fishing, hunting and camping. He's rarely seen without his trusted beagle hound "Scooter"
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