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Top 5 Ways to Weatherproof Your Barndominium Today!

How to Weatherproof Your Barndominium

Barndominiums allow enjoying stylish barn aesthetics year-round thanks to smart weatherproofing. While steel structures withstand weather intrinsically, you must safeguard penetrable areas for true four-season functionality. Follow these essential weatherproofing tips when constructing or updating your barndo.


Installing proper insulation ranks first for weatherproofing. Fiberglass batts or blown-in cellulose work for walls while rigid foam boards make roof updates simpler. Foam seals oddly angled eaves, peaks and rafter gaps other insulators struggle with. Always exceed code minimum R-value suggestions by 30% or more for thermal and acoustic insulation.

Air Sealing

Prevent costly air leakage with diligent sealing. Caulk cracks along the sill plates, corners, electrical boxes and piping holes where exterior walls meet foundation. Add weather stripping onto attic hatches and ground-level door jambs too. Foam board or spray foam insulation also air seals surfaces when applied properly.

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Vapor Barriers

Moisture infiltration causes major barndominium damage if left unchecked. Install vapor barrier membranes like Tyvek house wrap beneath siding to prevent condensation issues within walls. Kraft-faced batt insulation in ceilings and walls adds supplemental vapor protection as well.

Rain Gutters

Controlling rainwater flow prevents moisture damage. Mounting seamless aluminum gutters with ample downspouts directs water safely away from the barndo foundation. Follow with grading landscape beds downward 15cm over the first 3 meters outward from the building for best drainage.

Storm Windows/Doors

Salvaged barn siding leaves air gaps vulnerable to elements. Upgrade old single pane windows to triple glazed, low-E glass, vinyl-framed models offering better insulation. Install storm doors at entries for added protection against wind, rain and snow infiltration through cracks.


Dedicate attention to vulnerable areas as part of barndo conversion and new build projects for peaceful four-season dwelling free of drafting discomforts or moisture issues. With rigorous sealing, insulation and weather-conscious material selections executed professionally, realize weatherproof sanctuaries ideal for weathering country storms in style!

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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