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What is the difference between a Shouse and a Barndominium?

Shop House or Barndo? What is the difference?

When I first became interested in the shop house / barndominium craze, there were very few shop house plans to pick from. With the simple design aspects of these homes, people were building custom shop houses with builders not recycling those plans. When people started building more elaborate shop houses it really gave way to the unique styling that the barndo fad has become today.

shouse plan

People have different names for slight variations of the shop house, some call them pole barns, steel buildings, or shouses. The styling of the barndominium sets it apart from the others where it actually resembles a barn in a lot of the stylish ques that it has adapted from its namesake. Most shop homes are made of steel because of the low cost and easy assembly. You can buy shop house kits that are pre-made and delivered right to your property.

barndominium exterior

Barndominiums are usually made from wood and are specifically made to resemble a barn.  What really attracted me towards a shop house in the first place was the whole idea of having such a blank slate to work with. Knowing that I’d never be able to afford the cost associated with building my own custom home this was a very thrilling and exciting option when I first discovered that I could design my home exactly the way I dreamed it. With proper planning and resources, as we will discuss below, that dream is well within reach for many people who never dreamed it could be a possibility.

The discussion of barndominium or S-house comes down to personal taste. It’s a styling option because the inside could be designed any way you want. Having the freedom to design the interior layout, you are not limited to common designs or style, you can create your own.

shophouse floor plans

The style of the barndominiums have come a long way with sub categories of styles like the classic or more elegant models, the custom shop house, with Farmhouse Barndominiums currently referred to as a (Farmdo), probably being the most popular at the moment. With so many new builds being started everyday more people are looking toward their own creativity and rough drawn designs. Then they are teaming up with companies like Buildmax that specialize in taking your rough design and turning those into real custom floor plans that a builder can use to build your dream home.

barndominium exterior

If you do not want to custom design your home, there are options to buy pre-made barndominium and shop house floor plans. Take some time to research companies that offer floor plan designs and choose what will work best for your family. If you don’t happen to see what you’re looking for, all hope is not lost, check back frequently for new plans and designs as many of these sites are updated on a weekly basis or speak with a designer @ 270-495-3250 today. When speaking with the designer ask any questions you have about the design of the home, the designer is there to help design your home to your exact specifications. They will also have a lot of knowledge that you can gain, so don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations or if there is something you don’t fully understand make sure to let them know.

The difference between the barndominium and the shop house are the subtle styling differences on the outside but they can be equally as modern and intricate designed on the inside.

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