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Creating Custom Barndominium Plans

Searching for the perfect barndominium plans is both exciting and exhausting. While some people may find the perfect pre-designed plan, there are many who are left wanting. The good news is that you don’t have to give up on your dream barndominium there. 

How Much Can I Customize A Plan?

If you’re looking at a pre-designed plan but want to change some things up, that’s not a problem. The great thing about barndominium plans is that they’re easy to add on to or change things. If you see a plan but want to move the master bedroom’s wall out just a bit, that’s a simple change that can be done.

However, many people want more than just those simple changes. Some people want elaborate mother-in-law suites, expansive libraries, or even dog washing stations. These are all things that can be added into a plan without compromising the previous space. Due to the square shape of barndominiums, it’s much easier to add more rooms to the previous plan than it would be with a traditional house plan. 

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If you don’t like the pre-designed plans enough to use them as a base, you can also have custom plans drawn up. These barndominium plans would be uniquely yours, completely imagined by you and brought to fruition with the aid of the designer. This method allows you to have everything you want in your barndominium plans without compromise.

Many people are apprehensive to have custom plans drawn up. The main reason for this is they feel they lack the creativity to design their plans. While this is a valid feeling, the designers at BuildMax are there to help. They can act as a soundboard for you to bounce ideas off of and can help you curate your plans to be exactly what you want.

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What Should I Know About The Customization Process?

With pre-designed barndominium plans, it’s as simple as finding the plan you like online and purchasing it. However, if you want to make changes or have a custom barndominium plan drawn up, it’ll require a few more steps and more effort. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, so don’t feel discouraged.

If you’re wanting to customize plans, you’ll reach out to the team members at BuildMax and they’ll take note of what you’re looking for. It’s highly encouraged to provide a sketch, no matter how crudely drawn, though this isn’t mandatory. Once they’ve taken down the changes you want, they’ll quote you the price the designer is charging to draw up those plans.

The prices will vary depending on the complexity of the project. For minor modifications, you’re looking at an added fee of $750 minimum (this is priced according to BuildMax’s website; this may differ for other companies). If you’re wanting something completely custom, you can expect a higher price. Once you have been quoted and pay for your plans, you’ll begin the actual planning process.

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You’ll work with the design team to have your custom plans drawn up. The design team will go over your changes with you to ensure that everything you wanted is being included in your plans. They will then be sent to the designer who will do a first draft. You’ll be sent that draft to look over to ensure everything you had listed is accounted for in your plans. 

If your draft is missing something you had originally listed as a change, the draft will be sent back to the designer to be corrected. With up to 3 drafts at your disposal, attention to detail is crucial to finalize your design. It’s important that you articulate your needs clearly and thoroughly look over the drafts you receive. Once the draft is approved by you, it will then be finalized by the designer and will be sent to you, completing your custom barndominium plans journey. 

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While customizing your plans can seem like a stressful process, it goes much more smoothly as you work with the design team. They’re there every step of the way and ensure that your voice is heard. Don’t miss out on your chance to have your dream barndominium, tailor your plans to fit your vision.

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