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Exploring Options for Custom Barndominium Cabinetry

The Ins and Outs of Custom Barndominium Cabinetry

The wide open expanses endemic to barndominium interiors demand quality cabinetry catering to unique storage needs. Custom building cabinetry rather than Force-fitting stock units allows flawlessly filling specialty dimensions with functionality. Follow this overview of measuring, designing, constructing and installing custom cabinets to outfit your barndo.

Planning and Dimensions

First sketch general cabinetry layouts marking potential problem areas like ductwork or wiring runs. Then capture detailed room dimensions marking window and door placements that could impact cabinet plans. Identify awkward niches or changes in ceiling height that influence cabinet depths and fit. Photograph and measure these unique spaces carefully for later design drawing use.

Cabinet Design Details

Provide room sketches and measurements to cabinet designers to draft initial 3D concept renderings optimizing cabinet quantity and sizes to your storage wants. Refine orientations, dimensions and finishes collaboratively until arriving at an ideal custom cabinetry plan. Choose door styles and hardware pieces that express your preferred visual aesthetics too.

Cabinet Construction

With finalized drawings in hand, the cabinet builder cuts lumber pieces to specified dimensions and assembles box frames, doors and face frames. Determine preferences for interior organizational elements like adjustable shelves, drawers, trays and other specialty inserts at this step too. Apply the agreed-upon exterior finish coatings and hardware pulls when the carcass assembly concludes before delivery.

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Installation Logistics

Clear sufficient workspace to safely stage the incoming cabinet components. Ensure flooring or slab surfaces sit clean and plumb for secure mounting without wobbling. Have helpers available to assist lifting and holding pieces prone to toppling during fastening. Use shims liberally until all sections hang true. With base units leveled and secured, carefully mount wall cabinets using cleats, French or other advanced joinery for seamless hanging alignment.

DIYers can tackle simplified custom cabinetry, but enlist professional assistance following initial measurements for flawless barndominium-worthy results. When designed, constructed and installed properly, custom cabinetry solves even the most confounding steel barndominium storage conundrums in style!

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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