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Weekend DIY Projects to Level Up Your Barndominium

Weekend DIY Projects: Improving Your Barndominium

One of the best aspects of barndominium life involves the ongoing opportunities to customize your steel barn residence to ever-evolving needs. Big renovation dreams often stall out, but practically any DIYer can handle bite-sized projects building upon one another over time. Transform living areas, add conveniences and improve aesthetics through series of weekend mini-makeovers. If seeking achievable barndo upgrade inspiration, consider these hands-on improvement concepts:

Resilient Flooring Upgrades

Dingy carpets or dated slab concrete prove no match for modern luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring perfect for barndo high traffic zones. Brands like LifeProof WPC click together sans glue or nails thanks to interlocking edges and tabs. After thoroughly cleaning and prepping the subfloor, mapping planks visually allows you to break out just basic tools like a table saw, tape measure and rubber mallet. Rip final run rows to custom width with filler strips between the final floor edge and walls. Installation goes quickly thanks to the click-lock engineering, transforming any eyesore room into a beautiful rustic-chic space.

Install a Decorative Focal Backsplash

Tiled backsplashes attractively protect vulnerable walls while creating an artistic focal point. Purchase affordable peel-and-stick mosaic, metal or faux brick panels. Establish a clean and level installation surface, accurately measure your target area and mark with painter’s tape. Carefully cut panels allowing for outlet clearance using sharp utility knives. Then slowly peel away adhesive backing and firmly press onto surfaces to adhere. Continue aligning and applying panels piece by piece until you achieve the full backsplash design. Finally, seal all unfinished edges with caulking for a polished upscale appearance and protective moisture barrier.

Add Strategic Architectural Hoods

Boost ventilation and amplify aesthetic intrigue by installing steel range hoods visible from exterior windows. Convert existing roof caps into chimney canopy hoods inserting ductwork. Custom welding, cutting and finishing hoods yourself shows off barndo craftsmanship, though prefabricated wall mount options work too. Use cover boxes and careful joist drilling to route wiring and ducting last. Regardless of hood style, properly calculated CFM airflow for stove BTU ratings paired with regular filter cleaning keeps kitchens comfortable and safe.

Construct a Backyard Barn lounge

Extend your barndominium possibilities outdoors by building a covered grilling lounge perfect for summer cookouts or year-round pet washes. Sketch ideas in a notebook then pour a concrete pad foundation according to plans. provides pre-fabricated steel framing for barndominiums a Frame that is weather-resistant and very strong. that same metal framing can be applied to a garage like this walls made from metal not lumber; incorporate storage nooks as desired. Use matching wood or durable PVC to deck the roof area. Next focus efforts finishing the interior lounge zone with tile, stone or reclaimed boards. Add exterior lighting, audio speakers and finish the space off with festive paint colors to complete your covered barn bar escape!

In what ways could you better enjoy barndo freedom with a few DIY weekend projects? Don’t let intricate remodeling visions intimidate and stall action. Even novices can slowly enhance their custom abodes through budget-friendly mini-makeovers built upon incrementally over weeks. Soon you’ll have the rustic steel barn refuge matching your family’s ever-changing needs!

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott is a freelance writer and researcher that has written hundreds of articles for online companies in the area of construction, design, finance and automotive. He's a Southern boy that enjoys creek fishing, hunting and camping. He's rarely seen without his trusted beagle hound "Scooter"
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