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How many square feet is a 60×60 barndominium kit?

Understanding the Size and Possibilities of a 60×60 Barndominium

When envisioning a dream home, dimensions and layout play a pivotal role in the design process. For those considering building a barndominium, understanding the size and square footage of potential designs is essential. Specifically, a 60×60 barndominium offers a substantial amount of space that can accommodate a wide variety of living needs and styles. This article will explore the square footage of a 60×60 barndominium and how prospective builders can find the best floor plans and corresponding steel frame kits through resources like


Square Footage of a 60×60 Barndominium

A barndominium with dimensions of 60 feet by 60 feet encompasses an impressive total area of 3,600 square feet. This space provides ample room for both living quarters and additional features such as garages, workshops, or expansive living areas. With such a generous amount of square footage, the possibilities for customization and functionality within a barndominium are vast, allowing homeowners to tailor their space to their specific lifestyle and needs.

Maximizing a 60×60 Barndominium

white barndominium with cupolas

Design Flexibility

One of the key benefits of a barndominium of this size is the design flexibility it offers. Owners can choose to incorporate multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, a large open kitchen, and expansive communal areas that make the home ideal for entertaining. Alternatively, the space can be sectioned to include home offices, craft rooms, or a gym. The high ceilings typically found in barndominiums also enhance the feeling of openness and luxury.

Mixed Use

Due to the ample space, a 60×60 barndominium can also serve mixed purposes. Part of the area can be dedicated to residential living, while another portion can function as a workspace, such as a workshop for hobbies that require substantial space (e.g., car restoration, woodworking, or large art projects).

black barndominium shophouse with wraparound porchBuildmax”s BM5550

Finding the Right Floor Plans and Kits on

For those ready to embark on building their 60×60 barndominium, selecting the right floor plan is crucial. offers a diverse array of barndominium floor plans that cater to a wide range of preferences and needs. Here’s how to make the most of their offerings:

Tailored Floor Plans provides floor plans that can be customized to fit any specific requirements. Whether you’re looking for an open-plan design that maximizes communal space or a layout that includes private suites for multi-generational living, can accommodate your needs.

Steel Frame Kits

In addition to floor plans, offers steel frame kits designed to match the floor plans they sell. These kits are known for their durability, ease of assembly, and ability to withstand severe weather conditions. Steel frame kits from ensure that the construction process is as streamlined as possible, reducing both the time and cost associated with traditional building methods.

Design and Consultation Services also offers professional consultation services to help clients make informed decisions about their barndominium projects. Their expertise can guide you through selecting the best floor plan, customizing it according to your wishes, and understanding the logistics and requirements of assembling a steel frame kit.

All -in- All

A 60×60 barndominium provides a spacious and versatile foundation for creating a dream Barndominium that can adapt to various living, working, and recreational needs. By leveraging the resources available at, prospective homeowners can access expertly designed floor plans and reliable steel frame kits that ensure their barndominium is not only structurally sound but also beautifully tailored to their lifestyle. The combination of size, flexibility, and robust construction materials makes a 60×60 barndominium an excellent choice for anyone looking to build a spacious, custom Barndominium home.

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