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How to Budget for and Design Your Dream Barndominium Kitchen

Building Your Dream Barndominium Kitchen

As the central hub for food, family and entertaining, the kitchen ranks highly on priority lists for barndominium homeowners. Constructing your custom Barndominium allows indulging ultimate kitchen fantasies free of typical residential limitations. Build that commercial chef’s paradise or smart tech entertaining space you always desired with the right planning and budget.

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Set a Realistic Custom Kitchen Budget

Allot 15-25% of your overall barndo construction budget for kitchen expenditures depending on size and luxuries desired. Plan for at least $35,000-$60,000 to craft that rustic professional-grade cooking oasis spanning 500+ square feet. Integrating luxury appliances, tech gadgets, specialty cabinetry and high-end surfaces can quickly double costs however. Prioritize must-have features first, then add indulgences later as budgets allow.

Maximize Storage and Surfaces

Expansive kitchens demand ample storage space to prevent clutter overwhelms. Include a walk-in pantry with custom shelving, vertical drawer stacks for pots/pans and pull out racks in lower cabinets. Mix in display nooks, plate racks and appliance garages creatively. Combine surfaces like spacious granite-topped islands, butcher block rolling carts and stainless steel drop-in sinks for versatile food prep and entertaining.

Smart Tech and Appliance Dreams

Indulge hi-tech fantasies with built-in amenities like voice assistant panels, ambient lighting scenes, pot filler faucets and under-cabinet appliance garages. Splurge on pro-style dual fuel ranges, built-in coffee systems, wine fridges, microwaves, instant hot taps and more. Integrate them all seamlessly with smart controls. Don’t forget next-gen air scrubbers and water filtration to handle messy cooks! Below are some more examples of some cool modern tech for your barndominium kitchen

– Voice assistant displays (Amazon Echo Show, Google Nest Hub)
– Smart thermometers with app connectivity (Meater, Lavva)
– RFID sensor trash cans (Simplehuman, iTouchless)
– Smart lighting under cabinets and in pantries (Philips Hue, Nanoleaf)
– WiFi enabled coffee makers and smart kettles (Ninja Specialty, Fellow Stagg)
– App-connected refrigerators (Samsung Family Hub, LG InstaView)
– Built-in touchscreen entertainment displays
– Motorized cabinets with fingerprint, passcode or app control
– Under-counter appliance lifts and charging docks
– Integrated appliance controllers like SoapBoss steam cleaner monitors

– Automatic soap/towel dispensers (Simplehuman, Kohler)
– Smart faucets with voice, touchless & app controls (Moen, Kohler)
– Integrated hood controls syncing ventilation to stovetop use
– Magnetic induction cooktops with smart sensors and timers
– Video call technology handsfree enabling oven cameras
– AI meal planning apps syncing with fridge contents

With the right blend of smart kitchen products automated through intuitive app and voice interfaces, owners gain ultimate cooking convenience, awareness, and control!

Personal Touches Throughout

Embrace barndominium style fully with unique backsplashes featuring handmade tile or barnwood. Front cabinets and islands with reclaimed wood facades and custom hardware infuses rustic ambiance. Hammered copper apron front sinks make artistic statements. Even delicate glass pendant lights over contrasting butcher block or concrete countertops amplifies the kitchen’s unique elegance and charm.

Dream big when envisioning your barndo kitchen during planning. A custom steel Barndominium build grants every opportunity conceivable for constructing your ultimate forever kitchen. Make it a showpiece gathering place that flawlessly melds cooking convenience, smarts and style!

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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