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Why Tankless Hot Water Systems Are Fantastic for Barndominiums

Seeing Value in a Tankless Hot Water setup for your Barndominium

The sprawling footprints and remote bathrooms that define barndominium homes strain the limits of old-fashioned tank style water heaters. Their capacity caps out at 80 gallons typically— barely adequate for a quick couple showers in a modest home, much less an expansive custom barndo. Installing one or more tankless water heating systems proves essential to realize robust and reliable hot water supply across extensive residential barn spaces.


No Sacrificing Volume Regardless of Home Size

Conventional tank heaters store and slowly replenish a set reservoir of heated water for on-demand use. But even the largest 100+ gallon tanks still run dry with simultaneous fixture use inevitable in larger homes. Once depleted, you endure icy water until the tank slowly reheats another batch. Tankless systems eliminate size limits by using heat exchangers that instantly warm water as it flows through continuously. Without a storage tank bottleneck, tankless models produce an endless hot water torrent meeting even the highest volume barndo demands across multiple fixtures and zones.

Unwavering Temperature Consistency

In addition to limited capacity, tanks also compromise comfort with fluctuating output temperatures. As the reserve empties with use, tank heaters struggle replenishing stable heated water. Piping hot showers soon turn frigid when the laundry finishes filling alongside someone washing dishes. Tankless engineering focuses all available power on each specific hot water draw instead of rationing from a shared tank. The continuous flow method maintains a consistent output temperature within 1-2 degrees endlessly, regardless of competing sink, shower and appliance draws. Barndo dwellers enjoy stable soothing showers and reliable fixture performance sans icy shocks or scalding spikes.


Maximized Energy Efficiency

The standby heating losses inherent to traditional tank style systems prove substantial for spacious barndominium layouts. Tanks constantly burn energy 24/7 maintaining reserves warmed whether used or not. Conversely, tankless heaters sit dormant until activated by a hot water tap or appliance. Their power modulation closely aligns heat output to demand. This on-demand operation allows Energy Star ratings up to .99 versus as little as .53 for comparable tanks. By eliminating idle standby losses, tankless models cut annual utilities upwards of 50% for barndo spaces. Their 20+ year usable lifespans also spread equipment and professional install costs over decades of reliable performance.

Customizing Multi-Unit Setups

Realizing the full benefits for extensive barndominium spaces may demand multiple tankless units networked together. Weigh needs to determine separating by living zone, bath concentrations or flowrate capacity. Link units to optimize whole-house distribution with balanced pressure and temperatures. Consider both indoor and outdoor exterior-rated models to simplify centering units near demand zones. Just take into account ventilation needs, gas line and electrical supply provisions when positioning. Also install water treatment systems if mineral rich hard water could impede flow sensors. With smart planning guided by tankless experts, outfit barndos for endless hot water nirvana across every square foot!

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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