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How to go about Finding the Perfect Barndominium Floor Plan

Designing the Perfect Barndominium Floor Plan

The charm of barndominium living springs from taking simple agricultural Styling of steel building aesthetics and carefully designing planned interiors tailored for modern residential functionality. Constructing the ideal Floor Plan balancing rustic charm, openness, and practical living zones is key. This is where steel frame barndominium kits prove invaluable – enabling flexible interior plans adapting to your unique needs.

Prioritizing an Open Concept

Sprawling great rooms epitomize barndominiums, be it for entertaining or everyday family bonding. Bedrooms, dining spaces, and utilities flowing off central multipurpose social hubs retain structural simplicity. Two proven templates include:

1. Flanking Wings Layout – Living zone at the heart adjoining dedicated bedroom wings on each side. Allows zoning areas conveniently while retaining spacious common areas.

2. Perimeter Allocation – Lining bedroom, bathroom, and storage areas along the edges free up bulk floor space for great rooms. Easy to scale up too by expanding outer sections.

In both formats, partial loft floors, half-height partitions, and sliding walls strike balances between differentiated spaces and visual openness.

Steel Frame Barndominium Kits allow for more Flexible Plans

Standard steel buildings feature wide clearance spans up to 30 feet across within which mezzanine levels, alcoves, and storage easily integrate without load limitations. These resilient Steel frame Barndo shells withstands structural modifications too, enabling:

• Versatile bedroom counts and sizes fitting needs by scaling outer sections

• Adjustable kitchen, closet, and bathroom spaces using prefabricated modules

• Multipurpose lofts overlooking great rooms for offices, extra sleep spaces, etc.

• Expandable entertainment zones, porches, and garages for vehicles/workshops

With the rugged steel envelope as a starting point, barndominium floor plans fluidly evolve across changing preferences and lifestyles over the years.

The open flexibility lent by industrial-grade steel building systems makes renovations, remodels and customization far more convenient than conventional housing. Homeowners craft truly bespoke living sanctuaries matching dreams rather than settling for fixed developer blueprints. From a young couple starting small to multi-gen families and retiring empty nesters, the adaptable foundations unlock ever-relevant living spaces.

Where to Order Floor Plans and Steel Frame Barndominium Kits – Your Source for Barndominiums

When it comes to barndominiums, has you covered. A barndominium is essentially a home built out of a barn or agricultural-style steel building. At, we offer a wide selection of barndominium floor plans and pre-engineered steel barndominium kits to fit a variety of needs and budgets.

Unique Barndominium Floor Plans You Can Modify to Meet Your Needs

We have over a dozen unique barndominium floor plans designed by our in-house architects. Ranging from 1,200 to over 4,000 square feet, our plans accommodate small cottage-style homes up to large multi-bedroom dwellings. Some key features of our floor plans include:

– Open concept layouts
– Vaulted ceilings
– Flex space that can be used as additional bedrooms
– Large covered porches and patios
– Options for lofts
– Detached garage plans

We understand that customization is key, which is why we allow modifications to our base plans. Our architects will work with you to tweak the layout or dimensions to create your dream barndominium floor plan.

metal building

Steel Frame Kits

We offer pre-engineered steel barndominium kits that allow you to construct a sturdy metal structure to house your barndominium. Our kits come with everything you need including:

– Steel I-beams and roof trusses
– Corrugated metal roofing and siding
– Hardware, fasteners, and accessories
– Detailed engineered blueprints

Our metal Barndominium kits (video)  Can handle heavy snow loads and can accommodate open-concept spans up to 36 feet wide. You can customize your structure to meet local building codes and match the look and feel you desire.

With numerous floor plans to choose from, customizable steel structures, and U.S.-based customer support, aims to turn your barndominium dreams into reality. Browse our collection today to get inspiration and quotes for your next project!

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Aaron Scott
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