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Quirky Barndominium Decor is going mainstream

Quirky Barndominium Decor is Trending upwards

Barndominiums, the unique farmhouse-barn hybrid homes, have been steadily rising in popularity over the recent years. But in 2024, we are seeing barndominium owners put their own eccentric spin on decor that sets their homes apart from typical rustic dwellings. This quirky and playful “barn chic” style is a top interior design trend that injects personality into the ample open spaces these structures provide.

Whimsical Wall Accents
If the walls of your barndominium could talk, they would have quite the story to tell thanks to the eclectic collections of art and decor. A common barn chic style is to decorate the signature slanted steel walls with colorful murals or reproduce vintage advertisements. Another popular technique is installing shelves that display odd items and collectibles discovered at flea markets and antique shops. Owners will proudly exhibit anything from rusty tools to taxidermy animals to license plates from across the country.

The mix of modern, industrial features alongside the worn and weathered decor creates visual interest while paying homage to the agricultural history of barns. The delight is in the details – quirky wall hangings encourage you to explore and discover something new every time you walk through the space.

Lighting That Delights
Lighting can make or break the aesthetic of any home, and well-chosen light fixtures are a focal point of the barn chic look. Many barndominium owners are swapping traditional ceiling fans for repurposed items like wagon wheels, agricultural baskets, or even refinished tractor parts that serve as chandeliers.

String lights are also used abundantly to illuminate both indoor and outdoor areas with a whimsical glow. Twinkling bulbs are woven throughout exposed rafters or wrapped intricately around salvaged pieces like an old saddle. The playful lighting choices reflect the relaxed, carefree vibe that appeals to barn home dwellers.

Handcrafted and Upcycled Furnishings
The furniture and design elements of a barndominium are far from cookie-cutter. In fact, barn chic style calls for an eclectic mix of pieces that show the creativity and passions of the owners. Custom wood furniture built from reclaimed barn wood tells the unique story of the structure’s origins. Sections of old fences become headboards while a well-worn feeding trough is given new life as a coffee table.

Alongside handcrafted barn wood pieces, barndominium owners also upcycle unexpected items to furnish their homes. Mismatched dining chairs, leftover building materials like corrugated tin and galvanized steel, and even discarded items like ladders or toolboxes are reinvented into functional and aesthetic furnishings. The personalized pieces and clever use of salvage and recycled goods reflect the resourcefulness associated with farm life.

Bold and Playful Design Choices
The beauty of barndominiums is that the wide open floor plans provide a blank canvas for owners to creatively make the space their own. We are seeing homeowners push design boundaries with bright colors, dynamic patterns, and striking accent walls. Many are painting the interior structure bright red or sunny yellow rather than defaulting to expected neutral tones. Others still expose the salvaged wood frame and highlight the natural features as the backdrop for other eye-catching furnishing choices.

The use of oversized and odd out-of-place artwork, distinctive lighting, and unexpected repurposed furnishings, creates lively yet cohesive spaces. Barn chic style ultimately comes down to not taking yourself too seriously and embracing what makes you smile. The result is a home brimming with lightness and personality that you can be proud to share with others.

Barndominium homes themselves may stem from practicality and function, but the way owners are decorating them with whimsy and individualistic styling reflects the overall changing attitudes about home design & decor in general. Barndominiums allow families to right-size their living space in an affordable way, but that doesn’t mean style should be sacrificed. By thoughtfully infusing quirky accents, handcrafted goods, and recycled materials, barn homes become the ultimate expression of the dwellers’ inner spirit. The deliberate decor choices turn your Barndominium into a space bursting with originality…and maybe just a bit of harmless fun to boot!

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott is a freelance writer and researcher that has written hundreds of articles for online companies in the area of construction, design, finance and automotive. He's a Southern boy that enjoys creek fishing, hunting and camping. He's rarely seen without his trusted beagle hound "Scooter"
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