Millennials, barndominiums and simple living

Simple living doesn’t always equate to kicking your feet up and laying around all day enjoying the sunshine; it can oftentimes mean the exact opposite. Everyone loves the idyllic beauty of a farm surrounded by lush fields, vegetation, and animals. This vision sounds fantastic, up until the moment it’s time to roll your sleeves up and work to keep that beautiful farm alive. To simply ‘maintain’ the simple living style that all these millennials are racing back to can be a lot more work than anyone imagined. So, why have all the millennials begun to build barndominiums way out in the rural areas?

I believe it’s a mixture of things, the market and the cheap cost are surely contributing factors for many millennials fresh out of college or looking to finally settle down in a quiet slow-paced space. The drive to explore and the freedom to design and build something of your own is a particularly important aspect to many millennials. The concept of green energy plays a larger role in the idea, than people realize. Environmental issues like global warming have been more generally accepted by millennials and taken more seriously than previous generations have, because they can see a vision for a sustainable future. Supported by the fact they can feel and see the actual effects of pollution and global warming first-hand in the world today by simply walking out their front door. 

Getting back to the simple things in life after living in a big city can be like a breath of fresh air. With the hustle and bustle of city life, it’s difficult to even find a space where you can be alone to think for a minute. This is one-way millennials are using to escape that whole city life scene altogether, opting for a slower-paced, environmentally conscious, simple concept of living. I think many millennials are burnt out on living in the city and need a fresh new change of scenery. Moving back home to build your dream barndominium can be the escape from city life you have been dreaming of. I can totally see the allure and attractions having your own space and the freedom to design and decorate various aspects of your own barndominium.

Stylish trendy and versatile are some words I like to use when talking to Millennials about the wonders of simple living, young builders are more likely to be more free and artistic with their style than say a retiree for instance. Style is a beautiful thing it allows you to express yourself through designs and D.I.Y projects that are just your taste. Having that kind of freedom in a build is crucial for a millennial wanting to build their forever home. However, don’t get it twisted  Millennials don’t get to have all the fun when it comes to trendy barndominium designs, it’s never too late to start living a more simplified life in your very own barndominium young or old it makes no difference, anyone can enjoy the benefits a stylish barndominium. Which brings me to the versatility because barndominiums are so versatile and adaptable to each build and each personality you can really turn your barndo into anything that you can dream up and have designed and put on paper. 

the simple construction process involved in building a barndominium takes a fraction of the time it does to build a traditional home and that appeals to just about everyone as well. Anyone wanting to build a barndominium with hopes to kick start their path to a simpler lifestyle will need to do some serious pre-planning in the months leading up to the build in order to really do it right. A full budget needs to be developed first and foremost to determine the cost of materials and how much you will have to ultimately spend when it’s all said and done. A set of professionally drafted barndominium house plans, are in order and are probably the single most important ingredient in the entire build, without instructions you won’t get very far, this part of the planning phase it’s really helpful to be able to visualize the end product to some degree when designing the layout with the designer. If you are not a good visualizer no need to worry Buildmax offers pre-designed Barndominium floorplans that a Drafting developer has taken the time to meticulously design.

 As well as floorplans you will most certainly need to have land to build on before you even think about the style of building you’d like to construct. Having your own property is a big deal no matter where you are in the country. Property can be expensive, some parts of the US closer to larger cities are obviously more pricey than other rural areas when it comes to property. The market is something to follow when looking into buying property, see if it’s a good time to buy of if you should look elsewhere or wait it out for the market to change. As of right now the market is fantastic for someone wanting to buy property who’s to say how long the market will be a buyers dreamland. Some people, a large portion of society actually will go their whole life and never purchase a piece of property much less build their dream home, so to have a buildable piece of property is the first major step in the process of building your own barndominium and I think millennials are just like any other group that will eventually start to grow up, albeit a little slower than other groups admittedly, all the same, I believe millennials are chalked full of the right kind of motivation, style, and personality to build a home and lifestyle around the beautiful concept of simple living.