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Why Get A Shop House?

BuildMax is reshaping the way shop houses are designed and lived in. The flexibility of a shop house is that everyone gets what they want. The husband gets the shop he has always wanted and the wife doesn’t have to compromise on the living space. The dual functions of a shop house are a perfect balance of living spaces combined into one unique structure. Shop houses or SHouse as many refer to them can be built using steel frames, pole barn construction or traditional stick built. The interiors are wide  open spaces with vaulted ceilings, balconies that overlook great rooms and stunning kitchens with hidden pantries and lots of natural light in the main living space. Save money building a shop house floor plan and incorporating your living space in with your oversized garage or shop. Keep in mind we custom design our plans so if you have an idea for a shop house we can design it your way. Building a shop house is simple and fun to design. Connect with a Shophouse Professional Designer today at BuildMax to explore your options.

Why Choose BuildMax House Plans?

Premier Floor Plan Experts

Collaborating with numerous esteemed floor plan experts from across the nation, our partners have been crafting detailed blueprints since the 1980s.

Affordable Rates

Our commitment lies in offering the most competitive prices for all our designs. Keep an eye out for our periodic exclusive discounts.

Your Homebuilding Ally

Envision us as your ally in the homebuilding journey, rather than merely a provider of house plans. Queries? Reach out at 270-495-3259

Shop House Blog

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Understanding BuildMax

1.The BuildMax Distinction

Step into the realm of BuildMax: a distinguished house plan specialist that sets itself apart. Our hallmark is our deeply personal approach, guiding clients from selecting the perfect barndominium blueprint to creating tailored farmhouse designs. Beyond being mere designers and builders, we offer genuine, tangible experiences. Experience the unique BuildMax touch with just a call or text!

2. Delve into Home Plan Designs

Explore BuildMax’s handpicked portfolio, where our adept designers have curated the finest 3,000 from a vast collection of house plans, emphasizing today’s most coveted designs. To immerse in these handpicked plans, explore our top 3,000 house designs. Should you have inquiries, dial 270.495.3259, and we’re here to assist.

3. The Charm of Barndominiums & Shophouses

At BuildMax, we lead the way in barndominium floor plans and Shophouses—a novel blend of commercial space combined with cozy living areas. We reimagine the traditional Shophouse design, marrying form with function. Centered on adaptability, our barndominiums and Shophouses are available in three construction methods: stick-built, post frame, and steel.

4. A Spectrum of House Styles

While farmhouse barndominiums capture contemporary interest, we serve a range of preferences, spanning timeless to modern. Noting the rise in lumber prices, we also introduce alternative home construction options like steel structures, pole barns, ICF, and prefab homes.

Styles We Offer:

  • Classic & Modern Farmhouse
  • Barndominium
  • Florida & Craftsman
  • Cottage & Modern
  • Ranch & Traditional
  • Country & European
  • Mountain

5. Tailored Designs Delivered in 21 Days

Our innovative service promises custom house plan designs in a mere 21 days! Whether your dream is a sleek modern dwelling or a distinctive pole barn, we’re poised to refine and elevate your vision. With nearly two decades championing homebuilding, rely on BuildMax to be your trusted collaborator.

6. The BuildMax Journey

Inaugurated in 1998 as Equity Builders New Home Consulting, BuildMax has transformed over time, introducing an innovative homebuilding program in 2003. Now, as an $80M industry leader with a national footprint, our ascent is attributed to our loyal clientele.

Anchored in dedication, zeal, and a profound appreciation for architecture and construction, our mission transcends mere commerce. Epitomizing our philosophy, we recently crafted a fusion tiny home with impeccable attention to detail. Embark on our intimate home adventure, painted in hues of wood and white—Unearth our tale here.

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