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The Barndominium Life

The Barndominium Life

When you’re looking into building a home, you’re bombarded with house floor plans, building terminology, and different home styles. While wading through this flood of information, you see all the different styles of homes there are: Victorian, French Country, Cape Cod, Craftsman…the list goes on and on. You’ve likely heard of most of these styles of homes, but one that’s been surging the past few years that you may not have seen is Barndominium.

What’s So Different About A Barndominium?

Upon first hearing the word “barndominium,” you’re probably envisioning a barn turned living space. Sure, some barndominiums fit that description, but you may find that those cases are few and far between. Instead, most barndominiums have similar exterior traits to a barn but the interior looks like a traditional home. You may be wondering why someone might choose this style of home as opposed to more common ones. The answer lies in the house layout. Barndominium house plans boast wide, open spaces that most traditional homes fail to achieve. Open floor plans are very popular; they allow for a seamless living space that prevents you from feeling cramped or isolated. Open floor plans give you a lot more room to work with, even in smaller homes. You’re not restricted by walls that bar off sections for dedicated spaces but instead are given open spaces that can be used and decorated however you see fit.

If the open layout wasn’t enough to sell you on a barndominium, maybe the two-story fireplaces and vaulted ceilings will. The open floor plan combined with the vaulted ceilings can make even the smallest of homes feel larger. No more cramped spaces with low ceilings! Lofts are common in two-story barndominiums, making the most of those vaulted ceilings and open spaces. Even when you’re upstairs, you’ll reap the benefits of those high ceilings that you won’t typically find in your standard homes. Even the exterior has something most homes don’t: wraparound porches. Whether you like to entertain or lounge, wraparound porches are perfect for all occasions and add to the functionality of your home.

What Makes Banrdominiums Better Than Traditional Homes?

If you’re looking to build a home for your family, barndominiums are great for that. There’s plenty of space to start and grow a family. Many barndominiums keep the master suite separate from the other bedrooms, so everyone gets a little space for themselves to unwind. This is something both you and your kids will be thankful for as the kids grow up. Loft spaces allow for a space that kids can call their own and use as a playspace. Some barndominiums have theater rooms or dedicated spaces for a playroom.

Not only are barndominiums great for giving kids a place to play, they’re great for those looking to homeschool as well! Barndominiums offer great space that can be used flexibly. If you didn’t want to use that theater room as such, you could turn it into a classroom for your kids. You could use the loft as a teaching space as well, or maybe you want to use the great room to prevent kids from feeling too confined. The vaulted ceilings are a breath of fresh air compared to the stuffy classrooms in most schools and conventional homes.

Breezeways attaching the garage to the house are also something barndominiums can offer. Imagine taking your kids to soccer practice on rainy days. They’ll be covered in mud, but thankfully you won’t have to worry about them leaving a mud trail throughout your house when they get home. The breezeway leading straight to the mudroom/laundry room means you can save your sanity by containing all the mud to one area. The kids can easily take their shoes off in the mudroom and place them in a cubby or somewhere to be washed. Dirty uniforms can be thrown directly into the washer.

The wraparound porch is great for spending time with family as well. You can sit on the porch and read a book while your kids play in the yard. You can set up a small outdoor eating area on your porch, giving you and your kids a place to eat while enjoying the fresh air. Imagine grilling out on those nice summer days; your kids can be swimming in the pool while dinner is being made and then hop out and get seated for dinner at the outdoor eating area. Maybe you want to sit on the porch with a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise before the kids get up and ready for school.

white barndominium style house plan design

What If I Want A Smaller Home plan?

If you don’t want a two-story home, there are many ranch style floor plans available. Not all barndominiums have to be two-story homes; you can still get most of the benefits you would in a two-story barndominium. For example, you’ll still get vaulted ceilings in the great room for most ranch style barndominiums, and dreamy master suites that will make your bedroom feel like a sanctuary. You can even still get breezeways in some of the ranch style homes.

There are plenty of single-story barndominiums that have as many as 5 bedrooms, so whether you have kids or not, there’s plenty of space for you and your family and friends. Covered porches are the perfect place to get some fresh air, and the kitchens are spacious, leaving plenty of room for cooking and baking. Fireplaces only add to the cozy feeling you’re looking for in a home.

If you’re looking for a smaller home, barndominiums can give you that. Not all barndominiums have to be large and extravagant. There are plenty of smaller barndominiums that will be perfect for those looking to downsize or build something just for them. Some people even use smaller barndominiums as guesthouses. If you want your aging parents to live with you, a smaller barndominium is a great option. It gives your parents or guests a nice, elegant space including luxurious master suites. You won’t have to sacrifice quality just because it’s smaller.

No matter what you’re planning for your future, barndominiums can be the perfect fit. Whether you’re living alone, with your parents, or with your children, there is something for everyone. Don’t settle for ordinary just because it’s the norm; treat yourself to elegance that your neighbors will envy and that you’ll love.

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