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Barndominium Plan BM1853

Barndominium Plan BM1853

As you’re looking at floor plans on the long journey to building a home, you’re exposed to so many styles and layouts that your head can start to swim. After seeing so much of the same thing, all floor plans begin to look the same and at this point, you’ve probably tried imagining more plans than you count. Seeing lines on a paper doesn’t do much to help you envision what you’re looking at after a while, so take a break and come with me on a tour of the BM1853.

From the outside, the BM1853 already appears charming. Its smaller size doesn’t detract from its elegance but instead amplifies it. A 12 foot wide covered porch is off to the right of the home, offering a shady place to get some fresh air. Large barn doors adorn the space just before the front doors, giving off a cozy, rustic feeling. On either side of the front doors are large windows, letting in plenty of natural light to the entrance. Flowers planted along the concrete at the entrance of the home would accentuate the elegant features of this barndominium. Wreaths could be hung on the large barn doors, adding extra appeal to an already eye-catching house.

Upon entering the home through the front doors, you’re met with a spacious living room with a fireplace on the back wall. You can already picture your friends and family gathered around the fireplace, talking and laughing amongst each other while a fire crackles in the background. You could set up the living room so that there is space for a dining area, as well. With close proximity to the kitchen and the living room both, it’ll feel like a seamless space that’s perfect for entertaining or enjoying a meal in a cozy setting. Off to the right of the entrance is a small closet that would be perfect for storing coats and umbrellas. Past the small closet is the kitchen. The kitchen hosts an island and plenty of counter space to cook to your heart’s desire. Bar stools can be set up at the island to allow eating space.  A door from the kitchen leads out to the covered porch, making it perfect for you to set up an outdoor dining area, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air while eating.

Back in the living room, you’ll find the master bedroom to the back right. The master bedroom has windows letting in plenty of light and has plenty of space to set up your furniture. To the left, you’ll find the master closet. It has ample space to store your clothes so that you won’t have to fight with your spouse about who gets most of their clothes in it. Through the master closet is the master bathroom. The bathroom has a double vanity that will allow you and your spouse to get ready without fighting over who gets to use the sink now. A water closet allows for extra privacy, and there’s a large custom shower and standing tub. The master suite is the perfect sanctuary to give you some peace at the end of a long day.

Back in the living room, you’ll find a hall to the left of the fireplace. The hallway leads to a bedroom, a full bathroom, the laundry room, and then to the garage at the back of the house. Imagine decorating the hallway with pictures of your friends, family, or stunning scenery. The garage has plenty of room for 3 cars and can also be used for a shop. Imagine being able to work on projects out in the garage/shop with plenty of space for workbenches, tools, and whatever else you could need. The garage also leads out to the covered porch from the side. With close proximity to the laundry room, you won’t have to worry about making a mess in the shop and then having to clean up the ensuing debris your clothes will shed on the walk through the house; you’ll be able to walk straight to the laundry room to save yourself the trouble.

A set of stairs in the garage lead up to a second story, where you’ll enter a room. This room can either be used for a storage room, a bedroom, an office, or whatever else you may want to turn it into. There is a mechanical closet connected to the room. Once you leave the room, you’ll enter into a loft that has plenty of space to set up a reading area, an open office, or a second living room. A full bathroom is off the loft, next to the spare room. The second floor has so many options for decoration and utilization. Imagine having the loft set up as a reading area, looking down on the living room. You can turn the storage room into an office, complete with a little coffee bar. This office would then have easy access to the shop, perfect for when you need to make a quick run out or if you want to see what your spouse is working on. A set of stairs leads back down to the living room from the loft.

Back in the living room after having come down from the loft, you’ll see that this home has a lot to offer. While it isn’t large like many other barndominiums are, it still has so much to give. The living area has everything you’ll need, while the large shop is perfect for projects. The home is great for entertaining with its large covered porch and cozy living room. Friends and family will love coming over to cook out. Imagine a bunch of you laughing it up on the porch while others are hanging out in the shop. There’s plenty of space for everyone to hang out and enjoy a meal together. This barndominium is also flexible as much of its space can be used in different ways.

Building a home can be frustrating, tiring, and overwhelming. Between the terminology and thousands of plans, it can wear you down and make you wonder if building is the right option for you. This barndominium is proof that if you just look a little closer, you can find exactly what you need. Read this article about the 7 common homebuilding mistakes to avoid.

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