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Pole Barn kits

How different is a pole barn house than a convention home?

Pole barn homes use a different construction method than a conventional stick-built home. In pole barn construction, post or laminated columns are sometimes placed in a 4’ hole with a gravel or concrete pill base. On the outside of the columns a skirt board is attached and a slab can be poured filling the holes and creating a much stronger structure. Pre-engineered concrete perma-columns can also be used to avoid ground contact with any wood post or column. Compared to conventional stick-frame construction where 2×6 exterior studs are placed every 16” on center, pole barn kits have post ever 8’ on center but can span up to 10’. The horizontal members between the columns that hold the siding on are called ‘girts’. The girts are 2’ to 4’ apart depending on the siding material. Higher quality pole barns or ‘post frame’ as they are called recommend 2’ apart on girts. The support members on the roof that tie in the trusses and hold the metal roofing on are called ‘purlins’. These are typically 2’ to 4’ apart as well. The main difference between the two styles of construction is the exterior framing. With both post frame and stick-built homes you still have traditional roof trusses, siding and roofing. Another difference is most pole barn homes do not use exterior wood sheathing or plywood on the roof. Most pole barn homeowners choose to spray foam against the metal siding and roofing after a house wrap has been applied. If you plan to use Hardie-board or another type of siding other than metal you may need to apply sheathing first.

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Are pole barn kits cheaper than a convention home build?

By attaching the metal siding and roofing to the pole barn girts and purlins it can save a tremendous amount of money on purchasing extra wood materials.  Another savings tip is: you may not have to frame between the pole barn columns saving you additional lumber costs. If the girts are placed 2’ apart your drywall should fit perfectly. One thing to consider is whether your local building department will accept this method. Some building inspectors will not allow sidewall girts to take the place of framed walls. Keep in mind that the main savings on building a pole barn kit comes from the amount of concrete that is required. When building a conventional home you usually will need 2’ to 4’ deep footers dug and filled with concrete and rebar. Concrete is expensive, as of this article concrete cost $175.00 per yard. Using a post barn building method for your barndominium can save you thousands of dollars in concrete if you pour a 4-5” slab up to a skirt board.

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What are the advantages of a pole barn home?

Some contractors will tell you that a pole barn kit with columns in 4’ of concrete, tied to engineered roof trusses is a sturdier home than a conventional framed house with the walls bolted down with ¾” lag bolts. I would have to agree that this method seems to be more wind resistant. Tornados and hurricane winds tend to move traditional home right off their foundations easily. Using Perma-column concrete posts and 3-4 ply finger jointed laminated 50 year post can be a huge advantage for pole barn home building. Pole barn barndominiums can also be erected much quicker than conventional homes. Crews that are skilled in pole barn kits have everything laid out ahead of time and they can erect a frame in less than 4 days. The Amish have been building pole barns for years and if you have ever seem them build, they are impressive. But there are many conventional builders that also build pole barn homes and garages.

Are pole barns strong enough to be used as a barndominium?

Absolutely. The only thing to consider is your local building codes. Before you decide to build a barndoming make sure you visit your local building department and ask questions. Explain to the building inspector what you plan to build and question them about alternative building methods. Make sure you have the specification of the pole barn kit in case the inspector asks. Sturdi-brackets and laminated column specifications can be provided from your material supplier.

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How to find pole barn builders.

One of the best ways to find a pole barn builder near you is by searching the Internet or calling a BuildMax representative. BuildMax is building a nationwide database of pole barn builders. Ask around town and look for pole barns being built in your area. I can’t count the times I have stopped by a job site and started talking with contractors. It’s a great way to find good people for your project.

What’s the cost of a pole barn home?

Pole barn kits run between $18 to $29 per underroof square footage. Pole barn shell package can exterior and interior framing, roof trusses, 40 year metal siding and roofing as well as include Pella windows, Therma-tru doors and D.H.I. garage doors. Although these prices vary, they are just the start to building a barndominium using pole barn construction. Start by first purchasing a set of house blueprints. Most stock house blueprints do not come in post frame construction so it may be required to modify your barndominium plans. Modifications of existing stock house plans for post frame construction typically cost $750-$1,000 to change the foundation to post frame. The average cost of a pole barn barndominium is between $150 to $170 per square foot. This can vary substantially from state to state. Snow load, wind load and the lack of laborers can move these estimates up or down. Once you have your pole barn plans you can start to get bids and interviewing contractors. The General Contractor is the key to the final price to building a pole barn home.

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Are pole barn blueprints different than house blueprints?

As mentioned before typical house blueprints come as conventional construction with 2×6 exterior walls 16” on center. In some cases your pole barn kit supplier can use your house blueprints and their pole barn software to create a pole barn layout. In this case you will not need to buy a separate set of blueprints. Check with your local building department for specifics.

In conclusion, building a pole barn home is a preference. Most barndominiums that are built today are built either using metal buildings or conventional framing methods but pole barn barndominiums are gaining in popularity. Our suggestion is that you price out your barndominium build using both conventional framing and pole barn kit and determine which is best for you and your family. BuildMax is here to help you make the best decision and provide a list of quality pole barn kit materials and prices.


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