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What is a barndominium and who’s building them

It might surprise you who is building barndominium’s and why they are building them. We talk with thousands of people monthly that are searching Google for the search term Barndominium. So “What is a barndominium or barndo for short?” A barndominium is a style of architecture with an influence of country, farmhouse & modern design that draws inspiration from traditional barn styling”

A barndominium is not a barn per se that is converted into a home but it’s a custom home design that has barn like influence and elements like barn doors, wide open spaces and covered porches.

Recently the owner of BuildMax was interviewed by Lou Manfredini from WGN Radio and HouseSmart TV and here are some questions and statements we answered about Barndominiums.

Barndominum misconceptions: Is Barndominums a fad? Let me think about that for a minute…NO. Builders, bankers, building inspectors and appraisers need to realize that #1. Barndominiums are not a fad, they are not designs that will lower home values in a neighborhood, they are a style of architecture just like a modern farmhouse, craftsman, contemporary or cape cod style house plan. #2. Another misconception of Barndominiums are “they are only built out of steel”, initially that was the primary method for building barndo’s but BuildMax is changing that by offering more conventional building options for barndominiums. 

BuildMax is the first company in the US to offer barndominium kits in Steel frame, Post frame and Conventional stick frame and we are shipping those kits nationwide.  

Will my county allow me to build a barndominium? Answer=Yes If a barndominium is a style of architecture that can be built using conventional lumber or steel, why would they say no? Are they saying no to people who want to would a ranch style house? Or a modern farmhouse, imagine the uproar in the community if bankers and building departments told people they could not build a modern farmhouse or a traditional style house plan. Barndominiums are no different and should not be treated different by builders, bankers or building departments. Because the term barndominium is a fairly new term and not everyone is familiar with this style of architecture we have removed the word barndominium from our house plans and each one of our barndominium plans are titled “Custom House Plan”. Until barndominiums go mainstream and are more accepted we recommend our clients to use the term “custom house plans” to reference our plans. Our plans are really no different than any other custom house plan. Matter of a fact most of our plans will fit perfectly in any rural setting or neighborhood. We even have a client building one of our home plans in a country club and the HOA has approved the plan.

This is the most exciting homebuilding style: The demand for barndominium style house plans is being led by Millennials (26-41) and younger Gen X (42-57) age groups. It’s not surprising that these spacious style home plans that offer so much versatility and features are being embraced by a younger homebuyer. But don’t count out the baby boomer either. Older families are building barndo’s as well. The simplicity and maintenance free attributes of this style of home is very attractive to retirees. Stained concrete floors are perfect for families with pets and we are often asked to design pet washing stations and other pet friendly features into the plans.

Barndominium’s are the Fastest Growing homebuilding sector: Our website receives 120K visitors each month, we speak with thousands of people monthly and in these challenging times people are looking for more economical options to offset the higher interest rates and rising prices in materials. In many cases a barndominium house plan can be the answer.

How are barndo’s different / what makes them unique?

  • Simple gable roof design
  • Wide open spaces,
  • Balconies overlooking great rooms
  • Sliding Barn doors
  • Gooseneck lighting
  • Lean-to porches
  • Interiors can have a country, modern or even contemporary vibe,
  • Open slate to design the interior any way you desire
  • Many people opt for metal siding and metal roofing that can last a lifetime.

What are the benefits of steel construction? Are they cost effective?                                  

  • Quicker production times (3-4 weeks) Faster Delivery (1-2 weeks)                         
  • Erecting time take 3-4 weeks on most kits                            
  • Lifetime product (40 yr warranty on steel siding & roofing)                         
  • Fire, wind, flood, hurricane, tornado safety features                                  
  • Non-combustible, non corrosive materials                              
  • Cost effective and in some cases steel can be cheaper than wood.

What are some other fun additions to barndominium’s you’ve included in layouts? 

  • Wrap around entertaining porches are our favorites.
  • Outdoor patios and outdoor kitchens.
  • Pools and pool houses have been popular.
  • Indoor slides and hidden rooms.
  • Pickleball courts
  • Rock climbing walls
  • Indoor play houses

The bottom line is barndominium style house plans are here to stay and the industry will forever be changed by their simplicity, versatility and cost effectiveness.

As a Internet visionary in the early 2000’s, Tony has developed several successful web-based homebuilding companies assisting thousands of families across the nation. He has been married to his high school sweetheart Arlene for 40 years. They live in rural Kentucky near their two adult children and four grandchildren.
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