What is included with a Barndominium Kit?

Barndominium Kits

Barndominium kits are typically built as either metal or wood structures. A “shell kit” package includes exterior walls, roof trusses, metal siding, metal roofing and trim. A “dry-in” package will include everything in the shell kit but also includes windows and doors. A dry-in barndominium kit will look like a finished home from the outside but inside the house will be a blank slate, ready for the contractor to finish.

Barndominium Plans

Buildmax.com specializes in designing Barndominium floor plans. House blueprints are a critical first step in building a new home. Choosing the right house plan and style may take time but BuildMax can help you choose the right home. No matter if you plan to build a pole barn kit, a metal building kit or a conventional stick frame home, our professional new home consultants can make the process easy. A ranch style house may be more suited for your lot but if your lot is narrow then a 2 story house may be a better choice. Modern farmhouse plans have been very popular of late because of their timeless beauty. A barndominium interior is an open slate and can be designed with rustic features or a more modern or contemporary home design.

As you can imagine when I first learned about Barndominium kits I had some fundamental questions, like what all do you get with a Barndominium kit? How much does a Barndominium shell cost with delivery? Which should I choose, turn-key Barndominium kit or D.I.Y Barndominium Shell Kit?

Companies selling Barndominium kits can provide “nationwide-delivery” and can help you locate a builder to install the framing, roofing, exterior doors, stained concrete floors, energy-efficient windows, spray foam insulation, and many will complete a turn-key home-build. Keep in mind this was just my observation from checking into a few companies online and this seemed fairly standard across the industry. Some of these companies have crews that come out and do the build. Going from one company to the next, they will do things slightly differently or may not provide the same options, so be aware of that and always ask what is included. Never assume you know what you’re getting as each company is different. Depending on what you want to build there are options as easy as finishing the structure in a matter of a day or two. If you want something more complex like most people are going to build, the process is going to be more intensive. The energy efficiency and the limited maintenance of the structure is the real appeal, and in some cases, you can build a barndominium for cheaper than a stick-built home of the same size.

Kit homes were made popular by the price. Builders were putting on stick-built homes at the time allowing for you to buy a complete package for a set price. It streamlines the home building process and makes it easier for the home buyer/builder when they can pay one price for all the materials to be packaged, organized, delivered & erected all on-site and for a set price. It is a more hands-off, turn-key solution to the home building process. Many people like kit homes because they do not have the skills or know-how to put the project together, procure materials, and subcontractors that many first-time home builders do not even know where to start when building their first time so a kid home is very appealing in that regard. Different companies provide different services so I cannot stress enough how important it is to thoroughly understand the services offered, what is included, before deciding if a kit home is right for you

The bottom line for many first-time builders is going to be affordability with barndominium kits typically costing under $18-$29.00 per under-roof square footage (this includes garages and porches). It’s definitely a no-brainer for someone who has no idea how to build a home, what goes into it, what material materials are needed, and the overall process of building. This allows building a home to be accessible to everyone with a turnkey option. A kit home gives you the freedom to worry about interior design aspects, landscaping, colors of the interior and exterior appliances, and other amenities. This gives you the free time to focus on the things that are important to you. Your build will make for a much more pleasant building experience than being stressed and not knowing if you are doing something right. The peace of mind alone makes a barndominium kit the right way to go for so many people. The flexibility in the design process is a huge plus. Everyone wants creative freedom when it comes to their own barndominium. Nobody wants a cookie-cutter home that looks the same as their neighbors and everyone deserves to be able to express themselves through the design process.

Below I have compiled a list of exclusions from a barndominium kit manufacturer. These are all of the things this particular kit manufacturer does not include with their barndominium kit. This specific company does no construction whatsoever. The list below is all the things not provided, that you will need to find from other companies or contractors in order to finish your barndominium kit include:

  • NO Foundation Design
  • NO Anchor Bolts
  • NO Wainscots or Exterior Finishes
  • No Insulation Package
  • No Landscaping
  • No Site Work or site prep
  • No Interior Walls & Finishes
  • No Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical
  • No Interior Design & Floor Plan Layout
  • No On-site Inspections

Should you DIY your barndominium or hire a General Contractor? This is a question that requires more questions like, what is your skill level and do you really have time to contract out your own home? Being an owner builder is the perfect option for a skilled and experienced individual and they wouldn’t want to build their barndominium any other way because they can save much more money. Overall, doing much of the work themselves and are in control of the building process. These are the kinds of people that would benefit from a barndominium kit highly; motivated individuals seeking to build their dream barndominium. But for the majority of people building a new home they rely on a trusted contractor to build the home while they make decisions on style, color and materials.