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Why are Barndominiums still making a splash?

Barndominiums are still a hot trend on the market, even a couple of years after I first started to seriously notice them around. I began to pay attention when I noticed a substantial uptick in these uniquely styled custom metal buildings that had recently started popping up in my area, so many in the first year that it began to feel like a game of wack-a-mole. I live in a fairly rural county in Kentucky my family and friends have always considered the state as a part of the southern United States, it’s a very close-knit kind of community, the type where neighbors help each other out, so when something out of the norm is going on, or a new trend really decides to take hold and spread, then it tends to get noticed fairly quickly. Things go unchanged around here for many years and that is generally the way people like it, so when all of a sudden there are building projects going up left and right people take notice and get interested and intrigued themselves, especially once they understand the process and savings and potential applications these barndominiums can have everyone wanted to build one. If not to live in as a primary home I’ve heard of individuals building barndominiums for Anything from vacation homes, short-term rental investments, long-term Investment rentals, office buildings, automotive garages, duplex style barndominiums, and just recently I have been told of an amazing old rural school house that is being replaced by a barn style school house that will fit right in among the farming community that populates the area. The options are literally endless,  barndominiums are still making a splash because of how affordable in versatile they are. 

If you are open to the idea of using metal to frame the barndominium you can in some cases construct the house for a fraction of what it would cost to build it traditionally, that’s not always the case with prices of materials fluctuating so wildly lately but it’s generally not going to cost you more than building a barndominium traditionally with a wood frame. When you couple that with the ability to get the structure built in half the time with cold form steel framing the barndominium goes up like an erector set and only takes a crew of 4-5 guys saving a ton of time and money in the process. There really are many ways to build barndominiums these days and each way has its own advantages and disadvantages in the end it’s really all about what materials you have at your disposal in the area and what kinda price you can get those materials for compared to other options, the idea is to get the best material you can for the best price. 

You can build different ways and it’s up to you to choose which is right for you, with so many options and the simplicity of the barndominium floor plans that is another reason why we are seeing Barndominiums popping up Nationwide, people are attracted to simplistic designs that actually work. A large majority of people get interested in barndominiums because they think barndominiums are so much cheaper than building a traditional stick-built home but once they do their own research the truth of the matter is that they are much closer to the same price than anyone might imagine. If you do it right you can source much of the material and do much of the work yourself this can make all the difference in price. You might think with the price of steel rising across the country, even a steel frame barndominium which was once much cheaper to construct than a traditional wood frame barndominium is now about the same price. However, what you get for that price really makes the difference. You’re going to get a stronger structure that lasts much longer with less maintenance in between. A barndominium is a pretty timeless-looking home to build just about anywhere but most families that are moving out of this city want something that looks and feels country and quaint in appearance to match the rural atmosphere. Moving into a barndominium in rural America will have plenty of open space as designed, and rural America has plenty of property Just waiting for families to come to build on. Buildmax is a company helping to push this process forward, with the noticeable influx of families interested in building barndominiums in Rural America and families noticing they’re paying way too much money in rent to live in cramped accommodations within the city when they can afford a large barndominium in the country for the same price. companies like build max are here to help those families make their barndominium dreams come true.

Buildmax helps by providing barndominium floorplans and designs. Buildmax has a number of high-quality floor plans to choose from, no matter the size of your family or your specific needs, we are confident you’ll find a barndominium that suits your family perfectly. Buildmax can also help in customizing the floorplan to accommodate your specific needs so you can get the plan in your hands so can start building on your dream home sooner than later. Having a row in building your own home is important for many people there are many individuals to have the necessary skills to do a lot of the work themselves realizing this could save a tremendous amount of money along with obtaining your own floor plans from Buildmax you can begin to see the appeal and attraction to building your own barndominium, and how an individual could build a dream barndominium for a relatively reasonable amount of money in comparison to buying a home already on the market( which right now is like a battle in the roman colosseum, or akin to pulling your own teeth ), even if the price is equivalent to buying a home on the market, you’re still getting a newer, custom designed, stronger, more curb appeal, and just better product overall with a barndominium floorplan from Buildmax. When the interest rates go up see difficult to buy a home on the market people become Thrifty and April signed away to get what they want for the price they can afford. this is why we are seeing so many barndominium homes popping up in Rural America. Price barndominiums just look awesome there are so many different designs now with more people getting bit by the barndominium bug it has blown up into a building Revolution with people from every background and walk of life imaginable pitching in helping design new barndominium homes with new styling end trends daily interest Facebook and even National Publications like Dwell magazine. I have seen New Age looking Barnes Classic Barns solid white bones solid black phones barndominiums made with reclaimed wood from vintage barns people are very creative when it comes to doing the decor of their barndominium interior and exterior. Just because you’re building a barndominium doesn’t mean it has to look like a barn on the interior I have seen barndominiums that are built with more technology and gadgets as well as heated flooring, heated driveways for the winter, inset lighting throughout,  the interior has all the modern equivalence of a modern custom luxury designed home in a gated community somewhere, yet it’s in a field full of wild green clover in Rural Kentucky picturesque like it was dropped onto the landscape from above.


Barndominiums are still making a splash because of how affordable, versatile and customizable they are not to mention the unique styling that sets them apart from just about every other home being built today. Buildmax wants to motivate & jump-start your plans to build your dream barndominium by putting quality barndominium floor plans in your hands immediately. Because Buildmax does all of their super-skilled work remotely you are able to purchase your plans and immediately receive a digital copy that is ready to print right then and there. Don’t put off what you could go ahead and do, with a set of plans you are able to take those plans to any builders to look at and give you quotes based on your set of plans. Simply having a full set of plans printed off and accessible can make a world of difference when it comes to researching and studying the plan to determine if any modifications will be made and exactly where to, making accurate modifications is impossible to do without a set of plans in front of you. Next to finding and buying your property your house plans are the first big step to getting you into the barndominium you’ve been dreaming of.

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott is a freelance writer and researcher that has written hundreds of articles for online companies in the area of construction, design, finance and automotive. He's a Southern boy that enjoys creek fishing, hunting and camping. He's rarely seen without his trusted beagle hound "Scooter"
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