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Why stock Barndominium plans might be right for you!

Everyone who decides to build a barndominium wants to build it as economically as possible, essentially your first big purchase on your journey to build your own barndominium is going to be floor plans. You literally can’t even begin the process until you have a game plan and know what you are about to set off building. House plans are your instructions to build with. Now there are a few different routes you can take when your first searching for home plans, your most expensive option is to design a custom floorplan from the ground up if you are not an architect I’m going to assume that you don’t have the skills to do this personally, this means you must hire and work with an architectural firm to design every aspect of the home, which let me tell you is a whole lot more work and time than you realize. Remember you will most likely be put into a queue until the architects can get to your specific project. So if your looking for a quick option a custom-designed floorplan may not be the route for you. 

Another option for barndominium house plans is to simply alter an existing plan, Buildmax works with customers on a daily basis doing just that. Buildmax has a number of stock house plans on their website to pick from and the price is reflected by the number of customizations made to an existing plan. Maybe you want a larger garage, or add a room to the 2nd floor, or re-design the layout of the kitchen. These are simple customizations that our specialized team at Buildmax can help you accomplish. Sometimes families have specific needs and this can be another reason for customizing a house plan, for instance, a home that is handicap accessible may need hallways that are wide enough to easily maneuver a wheelchair these are the types of projects that we really enjoy. Buildmax uses simple straightforward open designs in all of their house plans that really put on display the spaciousness of their barndominiums. Browse through some of Buildmax’s most popular stock house plans to find the design that best fits your family’s style and needs. 

Stock plans are my favorite choice out of any option that is available to customers motivated to build their own barndominium, A stock plan is a proven floorplan that has been previously used in that exact configuration, Buildmax has plenty of stock plans on their site to browse and explore the most amazing part about that is you can buy a stock plan today and have it printed out tomorrow. If you discover a stock plan that you love just the way that it sits and you wouldn’t change a single thing about it then that’s just better for everyone involved. I personally prefer to buy my floorplans exactly how they were intended to be built and not go altering much of the original design if any at all. Maybe you would like to buy your barndominium plans right now to study and research, you can always modify the floor plans later if you realize there’s something that you need or simply want an addition. All of Buildmax’s house plans are engineered plans so everything has been gone over meticulously by certified architects to make sure there aren’t any surprises when it comes to measurements and placement, they ensure everything in the plans is spot on.  

What exactly comes with the stock plans when you place an order with Buildmax? All the stock barndominium floor plans come in a common PDF format that is easily read by any desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or cell phone being used today. The included sections of the floor plan are broken down into pages those pages are in order and as follows: Cover page, Main floor plan, Loft floor plan, Roof plan, Front & Rear elevations, Right & left elevations, Main floor electrical plan, Loft electrical plan, Main floor plumbing plan, Loft plumbing plan, Main floor HVAC plan, Loft HVAC plan, Foundation plan, Roof framing plan. As you can see Buildmax’s barndominium floor plans are actually full-size plans that are incredibly detailed the same quality you would expect from any respectable architectural firm 

The big selling point for purchasing stock plans to use on your barndominium is the overall simplicity of the entire process, simple in the fact that you receive the plans so quickly that you can buy the plans and have them in the builder’s hands on the same day. This is absolutely unheard of if your going through an architect because they do all the designing manually and this as you can imagine is extremely tedious work and takes a lot of time and focus to complete, not to mention the hours of planning and conversations between the designers and the customer to get all the details from the customer added into the floor plan just right. Everything must be up to code and meet certain specifications and guidelines that are determined and set by the municipality in which you are building, this makes the process of designing a custom floor plan that much more tricky. People generally underestimate the work that goes into a completed Barndominium floor plan design or they are just simply unaware of the sheer amount of work and attention to detail that it requires to get you a set of quality floor plans in your builder’s hand and ready to work off of.

The major factor that pushed me to go with a stock floorplan and it didn’t take much pushing either was ultimately the price. Once you understand that any modification big or small just costs you extra money straight out of your pocket at a time when you’re trying to find ways to Save around every corner, to get your barndominium built at a reasonable price. Believe it or not, all those little tweaks start to add up fast and before you know it you’ve racked up enough “tweaks” or customizations that your semi-stock floorplan has transformed into a fully custom layout or your dream barndominium floorplan, and there’s nothing wrong with that but just know that each tweak you make ultimately cost money and also each change you make depending on what that is can have an effect on the overall square footage of the barndominium so be aware of that as well. Be prepared to give and take a little with the design process, for instance, If you decide you want a larger bathroom shower or larger bathroom in general you may have to make a compromise somewhere else to make that possible such as making a walk-in closet smaller to make room for the shower on the other side of the wall. Figuring out where and specifically how to accommodate customer requests and requirements into a particular floor plan is an expertise that I personally don’t possess, lucky for me Buildmax does this for their customers every day for any one of their many Stock floorplan designs. 

I still prefer a stock plan or a lightly modified floorplan for its simplicity which is one reason so many people gravitate toward barndominiums, the open floor plan design coupled with simple interior and exterior layouts make Buildmax a fantastic place to find that dream Barndominium floorplan literally today! Why not Buy it now and modify it later if you choose to go that route? Maybe find a comfortable space to work in and take your time to do some careful planning over your newly printed set of stock floor plans to determine if and where any modifications are even necessary. Browse the floor plan designs on Buildmax’s website and even do a virtual walkthrough on some of their most popular Barndominium designs.   

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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