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Barn-Chic: Unveiling the Best in Barndominium Interior Trends

Considering constructing a contemporary barn home? Barndominiums offer a quick and cost-friendly building solution, ensuring durability and minimal upkeep. Plus, with the freedom to customize, you can shape the inside of a barndominium to be a true reflection of your unique style.

An array of resources awaits to guide you in designing your barndominium’s interior and exterior. Elements like flooring choices and paint hues play pivotal roles in realizing your desired appearance. This article delves into varied design concepts, key considerations, and sources of inspiration.

Tailored Barndominium Plans for Your Unique Needs

To capture the essence of your desired barndominium interior, it’s essential that your floor plan aligns with your vision. When exploring readily available plans, check if they offer the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and that the total space suits your requirements.


Your personal interests and lifestyle play a crucial role in this stage. Whether you dream of a dedicated workout space or a cozy guest room, reserve spaces accordingly. For those who entertain frequently, prioritize a roomy living area and kitchen. Keeping these considerations in mind will not only ensure you adore your barndo’s interior but also offer plenty of design flexibility. Vaulted ceilings have become a popular feature for many, frequently integrated into their design visions. Though a majority of barndominium designs come with these ceilings, some conventional plans might not. Hence, it’s essential to check for this feature when reviewing plans.

Another aspect to ponder when evaluating a floor plan is the inclusion of a porch. For numerous individuals, the porch acts as an extension of their living area. It becomes a space for hosting, dining, and unwinding. While a modest front porch might meet the needs of some, others might prefer the expansive embrace of a wraparound porch.

For those who find stock floor plans falling short of their aspirations, there’s always the option to craft bespoke plans that cater to every unique requirement. Whether it’s about expanding the total living space, incorporating a space for your in-laws, or adding an office—reflecting the rising trend of remote work—you can customize to your heart’s content. With the growing trend of home-based work, adding dedicated offices is becoming commonplace, and for our pet lovers, specially designed dog washing zones are increasingly becoming a feature, simplifying the grooming process. Truly, when it comes to personalizing your plans, the possibilities are endless.

great room with fireplace and loft overhead

Finding The Right Inspo For Your Barndo

While some individuals have a clear vision for each room, others might be starting from scratch. Fortunately, there’s a myriad of sources to ignite inspiration for your barndominium’s interiors. From paint palettes and flooring options to furniture arrangement, there’s no shortage of examples to steer your design journey.


When embarking on your barndominium interior design quest, Pinterest is a fantastic starting point. With countless Pins available, it serves as a treasure trove of ideas. Dive into Pins showcasing myriad paint shades, innovative accent walls, and strategies to enhance your space’s visual appeal.

The platform doesn’t stop there: Pins dedicated to flooring are also abundant. Whether you’re on the hunt for unique hardwood styles, seeking the ideal tile for your mudroom, or fancy rugs to accentuate your main living area, Pinterest offers a plethora of options.

Beyond that, it’s a hub for furniture and accessory inspiration. Unsure about which furniture motif or decorative elements resonate with you? Numerous Pins come with direct links to the featured items. Fall in love with a particular armchair? A linked Pin might just lead you straight to its purchase page.

As you navigate, curate a dedicated Board with your favorite Pins. This not only keeps your inspirations organized but ensures easy access. Even if you veer off from a specific Pinterest-inspired style, it can still provide invaluable guidance for your design journey.

barndominium interior kitchen


If Pinterest doesn’t resonate with you, or you’re seeking additional avenues of inspiration, interior design magazines are an excellent alternative. Numerous publications focus exclusively on interior decor. A notable feature of these magazines is their meticulous detailing on purchasing information for showcased items, often encompassing price points.

If you’re on the hunt for these magazines, Barnes & Noble is a prime destination. However, you can also opt for subscriptions directly from the websites of these publications. Don’t forget to scan the magazine racks at other retail outlets during your shopping excursions.

For a dive into interior design brilliance, consider magazines such as Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Better Homes & Gardens, and Dwell, among others. Additionally, many of these publications extend their inspirations online, so if you can’t get a physical copy in-store, their websites are worth a visit.

TV Shows

Television shows offer a rich reservoir of inspiration, especially when it comes to interior design. HGTV, for instance, boasts an array of programs dedicated to home revamps and decor, serving as a treasure trove of ideas. Shows such as Fixer Upper, Dream Home Makeover, and Property Brothers provide fantastic insights for barndominium interiors.

Additionally, YouTube houses numerous content creators who spotlight home tours and emerging home trends. Not to be overlooked, TikTok and also presents an assortment of videos highlighting diverse design styles and inspiration. Instagram can also provide short videos but mostly showcases pictures that can inspire your own decorating dreams. 

Concluding Thoughts on Barndominium Decor Insights

Navigating the myriad of interior design choices can appear daunting, but there’s a fundamental principle to remember: There are no set rules in decoration. Ultimately, this barndominium is your sanctuary, and it should mirror your essence or vision. Whether it aligns with current trends or not is secondary; what’s paramount is your comfort and joy in the space you’ve crafted. With the appropriate inspiration, your barndo can truly embody your dream.

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Brianna Euler
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