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Choosing The Right Barndominium Floor Plans

Choosing The Right Barndominium Floor Plans

Choosing to build a home over buying one is a huge step. Building a home has so many steps you have to go through and can be very stressful, but it’s worth it to get exactly what you want in a home. The first step you’ll have to take is finding a set of floor plans, so why not choose to get barndominium house plans?

What are the differences between barndominium floor plans and regular ones?

While searching for the right floor plans, you’ll find thousands of plans. Many of these will look mostly the same with slight variations, making it difficult to find one that fits for you. With barndominium plans, you’ll find more variation. These floor plans offer wide open spaces and vaulted ceilings in most plans.

Many people think of barndominiums as barn houses, but they’re more than that. Barndominiums can be either ranch style homes or they can have 2 stories, just like most conventional homes. However, barndominium 2-story homes often have lofts overlooking the great room – what would be considered a living room – and even have 2-story fireplaces. These features set barndos apart from conventional homes because they are rare to see in your regular homes on the market.

With both ranch and 2-story barndominiums, you’ll often find elegant breezeways connecting the home to a spacious garage. Wraparound porches are another staple for barndos and aren’t seen on the majority of standard home plans. With these wraparound porches, many people find that they look like a modern farmhouse. The great thing about barndos is that they are versatile can fit.

white barndominium with garage and wraparound porch

How do I choose the right barndominium floor plan?

When choosing a floor plan, it’s important to consider what you need as well as what you want. If you want an open concept plan, then barndos are a great option. If you want a house with plenty of living space and living quarters, then you could look at some of the larger plans. Considering what square foot you’re looking for is important in selecting the right plan.

Even in the smaller plans, you’ll find that they have everything you’ll need. They have plenty of space for a dining room that will fit all your family and friends, and the great room is ideal for entertaining guests. If you have a large family but want something smaller, that’s not a problem with these barndominium floor plans either.

Many barndominiums can also double as shophouses. The great thing about these floor plans is that they give you the dreamy look of a barndominium while also providing the great aspects of a shophouse. You can find this in both ranch style and 2-story homes, meaning you won’t have to settle for something you don’t want. Even in the smaller plans, you can still have plenty of room for a nice shop and great living space.

If you see a plan you like but wish that it was slightly different, don’t rule it out. Floor plans can be modified so that you can change the plan as needed. For example, if you want the bathroom to be a little bigger and the bathroom a little smaller, that’s possible. You can even do fully custom plans if there doesn’t seem to be a plan that checks off all your boxes.

barndominium interior

What should I know about building a barndo?

When it comes to building, you’ve got a few options on what method to use. Many traditional homes are typically built using stick framing. However, many barndominiums are built as pole barns, also known as post frame. Some people also choose to build steel barndominiums because metal buildings are sturdier than your typical lumber build.

If you’re more interested in finding something that fits the idea of barn house plans, you’ll probably think post frame is the best option. However, even steel buildings can give you the look you’re going for. Steel frame homes typically only have the exterior framing done in steel while the interior is still lumber framing.

BuildMax offers barndominium kits in all three of these methods. With these kits, you also get customization options on the color of the roof and siding. This ensures you’ll love everything about your home, right down to the color. They also offer windows and doors with their kits, so you’ll have less to worry about.

barndominium being built

Getting a kit through BuildMax also helps you achieve an energy efficient home. The windows offered in their package have greater thermal performance, which means you’ll be spending less on heating during the winter months. The windows use Low-E insulating glass, insuring your home will stay cool even on the hottest of days.

Barndominium kits come with all the materials you’ll need to get the framing of your house. You’ll also get the roof and siding in your chosen colors. The roof and siding are typically metal, but you’ll find that it doesn’t have to look like standard metal siding. Getting board and batten metal siding in your chosen color can give your home a stunning look your neighbors are sure to envy.

When building a barndominium, or any home for that matter, it’s important to find a builder who knows the method you’re wanting to build with. Almost all builders will be familiar with stick framing. However, it gets harder to find someone familiar with post frame, and even harder to find someone confident in steel frame. The great thing about these kits is that they come with assembly drawings that will be helpful in the building process.

barndominium style plan bm3970 with wraparound porch, and 3 car garage

Building a home can be a daunting task, even when it comes to choosing floor plans. If you have an idea of what style you want and make a list of what you want in a home, it becomes much easier. No matter what you’re looking for, barndominium floor plans are sure to deliver.

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