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The Barndominium Company

The Barndominium Company

When looking for the barndominium company that is best for you, here is why BuildMax is “The Barndominium Company” of choice. BuildMax has been helping families build new homes since 2003. For the past 20 years they have worked with owner builders, contractors and home buyers to build dream homes across America.

Barndominium Experts

BuildMax is a pioneer in the barndominium and shophouse movement. They have designed the most popular barndominium floor plans on the market and gave a new life to the idea of shophouses that no other company has been able to achieve. They are also the first company in the United States to offer barndominium kits using all three homebuilding methods. BuildMax serves customers nationwide and offers consulting from employees who are passionate about helping you build your dream home. 

BuildMax has a breadth of experience in the homebuilding market and they aim to help their clients in whatever way they can. Whether you know exactly what you want or you just got started looking into a build, you’re important to them and they will help you out every step of the way. BuildMax is even putting together a free builder locator service just to make things easier for their clients.

white barndominium house with wraparound porch and 3-car garage

Barndominium & Shophouse Floor Plans

BuildMax offers a variety of barndominium and shophouse floor plans. One of the most well-known barndominium/shophouse plans is actually their BM5550. You may have seen the picture of this plan somewhere before and that’s because it revolutionized the way a shophouse can look. Before, shophouses didn’t really stand out and they weren’t as popular. However, once this plan came out, it took the internet by storm because it showed how elegant a shophouse can be. 

Each floor plan is designed with elegance and practicality in mind. If you want a large shophouse, they’ve got you covered. Want a smaller shophouse? Covered. A beautiful barndo that will fit your whole family? Covered. Something small but still beautiful? Yep, they’ve got you covered there, too. No matter what size or what style you’re looking for, there’s something for everyone. If there’s a plan you like but it doesn’t quite have everything you want, they can take care of that, too. BuildMax does modifications for an added cost, and they even do custom plans. So if you can’t find one that fits your needs perfectly, they can make you one.

Barndominium Kits

BuildMax offers materials kits for barndominiums using all three building methods. No matter which method you’re looking to go with, they’ll be able to ship it directly to your build site. The convenience of being able to buy your floor plan and get the materials needed to build it is unmatchable and no other company in the United States offers it. 

Stick frame packages are the most common option, and all of BuildMax’s plans are originally designed as stick frame. This is because most homes today are built in this manner and it is what most contractors are the most knowledgeable about. Out of the three material kit options, stick is currently the cheapest. That can change based on the market as prices fluctuate on lumber and metal. It’s easier to find a contractor who will be able to do your build if you choose stick frame, as well. 

Post frame (pole barn kits) packages are really gaining in popularity as well because many people want to build pole barns. Post frame is another lumber build, but it doesn’t go for the same price as the stick kits. While these builds do typically use fewer materials, the materials used have to be sturdier and therefore are more expensive than the stick kits. The post frame kit is a good option for those wanting something sturdier. Finding a contractor who does pole barn builds might be a little more difficult than finding one for a stick build.

barndominium being built

Steel frame kits are the last of the three offered kits. At the moment, this is the most expensive option as the price of lumber has dropped. The steel frame is ideal for those looking to have an extremely sturdy home that will withstand natural disasters with ease. BuildMax has seen a surge in residents of Florida buying these steel kits because of their durability and stability. One difficulty you may have when going with a steel kit is finding a contractor familiar with metal builds. 

Each kit comes with assembly drawings, making it easier on contractors who may not be familiar with post or metal builds. So if you have a contractor in mind but they aren’t familiar with metal builds, they may still do it with the assembly drawings. Each kit also comes with metal siding, roofing, and awnings (if they are in the plans). You also have a variety of colors to choose from for the siding and roof, so you can make it uniquely yours. 

For the stick and post kits, they include the metal siding, roof, interior framing, exterior framing, windows, and exterior doors. The metal building kit comes standard with exterior framing, siding, and roof. However, you can also add the interior framing (lumber), windows, and exterior doors to this kit as well.

BuildMax Quality

BuildMax is serious about the quality of their products. That’s why they’ve chosen high-end quality materials in their kits. 

The lumber kits use premium #2 spruce lumber, #1 yellow pine and/or pre-engineered LVL’s and the trusses are 2’ on center. With the post frame kit poles are 8’ on center, every other truss is pocketed into the laminated poles for strength. Hurricane ties are standard with these kits. All roof purlins and wall girts are 2’ on center, providing more strength and more fasteners in the steel panels. There is a 40-year warranty on the metal in these kits. The metal has AkzoNobel 1050 paint coating, which has never had a system or fade warranty claim on the coating they use. Most of all steels used in these kits is made in the United States. There is a 50-year warranty on the laminated posts, including porch posts. Laminated posts are nailed, glued, finger jointed, and planed on all 4 sides, which eliminates warping, splitting, and cracking. Stamped truss drawings are included with these kits, as well as all fasteners needed. There are 40-year warrantied screws included for the roof metal, post protectors for all porch poles and/or all poles on post frame buildings, and 25-year warrantied fiberglass door units with maintenance-free jambs and brickmold. 

For the metal building kits, they use 10GA-18GA purlins and 26 gauge PBR panels. All steel in this kit is manufactured in the United States and is galvanized for corrosion proofing. The siding, roof, and soffit materials included in this kit have a 40-year warranty. 

Black barndominium style house plan with 3 car garage and breezeway

As you can see, BuildMax has a lot to offer for their clients. They have experience and passion for helping their customers find the perfect plan for them. They are dedicated to providing excellent quality, both in their floor plans and in their kits. Their combined knowledge, experience, passion, and products make them “The Barndominium Company” of choice.



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