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Behind the Barn Door: Expert Tips on Barndominium Plans

Constructing a home often hinges on the crucial step of selecting a floor plan. This phase, filled with anticipation, can sometimes be laden with stress, given the weight of choosing the ideal layout. Continue on for guidance on finding the best barndominium plan tailored for you.

Understanding Barndominium Plans

Searching for the perfect barndominium plan requires preparation and clarity. By paying keen attention to the nuances of each floor plan, you can align your selection with your dreams. Having a well-defined idea of your desired barndominium is essential to eliminate potential backtracking.

Central to this process is evaluating the floor plan’s layout. Determine whether its design matches your tastes and anticipated life changes. For example, consider potential needs like accommodating elderly relatives or adding space for a growing family. It’s worth noting that barndominium plans usually offer adaptability, allowing for tweaks even if certain features aren’t instantly appealing.

While ceiling height might appear as a subtle aspect, it’s essential in barndominiums. Given their reputation for lofty ceilings, designs with surprisingly lower roofs may not meet your expectations. High ceilings, irrespective of being vaulted or not, can redefine a room’s feel. A room that’s on the smaller side can feel grander with a high ceiling, something to ponder if you’re wary about the dimensions of a room in your preferred design.

Barndominium floor plan for first floor
BM2500 First Floor Plan

Space efficiency is paramount in barndominium plans. It’s easy for one to select homes that overshoot their actual space requirements, often due to misjudging floor plan measurements or suboptimal space distribution.

The intrinsic spacious nature of barndominiums lends itself to multipurpose use. For instance, a broad great room might seamlessly serve as both a living area and dining space, or even accommodate a study or a relaxation nook. Likewise, lofts can evolve into snug sitting areas, functional offices, or play zones. If certain segments of a plan don’t suit your needs, think about opting for a leaner design or an alternative configuration.

Lastly, as you navigate through various plans, don’t overlook the importance of windows. Their positioning and quantity significantly influence natural illumination. Features like skylights and expansive window setups are ideal for the vast open spaces characteristic of barndominiums, enhancing the airy and spacious ambiance.

Customizing Your Barndominium Plan

Scoured the market for hours and still haven’t stumbled upon the right design? Remember, the realm of customization awaits. You can either tweak an existing design or craft a unique floor plan from scratch, inching closer to your ideal barndo.

Barndominium floor plan second floor
BM2500 Second Floor Plan

Barndominiums stand out for their adaptability and straightforward design process. A survey of existing plans reveals their predominantly rectangular architecture. This uniformity simplifies modifications, facilitating seamless transitions, room reshuffles, or extensions. Plus, their flexible spaces cater to a myriad of functionalities.

The customization world for barndominiums is vast. A prevalent choice among homeowners is incorporating a dedicated section for in-laws. As families lean towards keeping senior members nearby, adding a bespoke space ensures they relish privacy and comfort while staying within arm’s reach.

Many homeowners express desires to expand their garages for workshop purposes or carve out niches for crafting or dedicated office areas. Such modifications, while enhancing utility, maintain the barndominium’s characteristic open ambiance.

When embarking on the journey of customization, collaboration with a design team is pivotal. Clarity in expressing your preferences is key. If you’re leaning towards a from-the-ground-up design, even a rudimentary sketch can serve as a valuable guide for the design experts, irrespective of its artistic finesse.

barndominium interior great room

Unique Features for Your Barndominium Plan

Numerous barndominium designs are available, but many miss the distinct elements that differentiate them from the crowd. Even if certain ideas appear to be extravagant, there’s a significant audience that finds them compelling.

A standout feature to consider for your barndominium is the addition of an indoor garden atrium. Generally found in upscale contemporary residences, indoor garden atriums aren’t restricted to such homes. Incorporating one creates a natural ambiance indoors and serves as a refined focal point, eliciting admiration and discussion among visitors.

Why not consider adding a personal library to your barndo? In an age dominated by digital reading, the charm of printed books remains undiminished. Designing a dedicated space for your collection offers a serene haven for reading, which can also function as a study when needed.

For those who cherish movie time, adding a dedicated theater room to your barndominium is worth considering. With the growing trend of at-home movie watching, enhance your experience with a large projection screen and cozy seating. It’s an ideal space for film enthusiasts who appreciate uninterrupted viewing.

Pet owners might find the idea of a dedicated pet grooming and washroom appealing. Strategically positioned near an entrance, it becomes indispensable during wet weather when your dog manages to find every mud patch. This feature eliminates concerns over dirty footprints and reduces visits to professional groomers.

While many barndominiums showcase wraparound porches, introducing a sunroom is a refreshing alternative. It provides a sheltered spot to appreciate the outdoors throughout the year, serving as a serene relaxation spot or an extended entertainment area.

Lastly, ponder over integrating a conversation pit in spaces like the den or lounge. This design choice, reminiscent of the ’70s, is regaining popularity among newer generations. Such niches foster intimate interactions among friends, offering a cozier environment than standard seating arrangements.

Concluding Observations

Navigating the plethora of barndominium plans can be a daunting task, but remembering these guidelines can alleviate some of that burden. Feel free to tailor your barndo plans or include elements that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The beauty of constructing your own barndominium is that it’s designed to fulfill your individual needs. Don’t hesitate to go all out in achieving the ideal layout for your barndominium.


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