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Dream, Design, Dwell: Tailoring Your Barndominium Space

Embarking on the journey to create your dream barndominium begins with the initial decision to build one. Once you’ve sorted the floor plan and the structure, it’s time to focus on the next chapter: interior and exterior designs. It might feel daunting, but we’ve got some pointers to guide you through.

Exterior Enhancements

Begin your design journey by focusing on the initial aspect that grabs attention: the exterior. As you delve deeper, you’ll discover an expansive world of design possibilities, both internally and externally. Barndominiums, much like traditional homes, offer a spectrum of metal siding designs and colors. The initial step involves determining the preferred style and tint.

Prioritize energy conservation when selecting windows and doors, and subsequently shift your attention to design. With an abundant variety of choices available, you can explore everything from elegant paneled windows to security-enhanced doors. Strive for designs that resonate with the overall mood of your barndominium.

black barndominium front

The grounds that envelop your dwelling can’t be overlooked. Preferences differ greatly in this realm. Some lean towards a restrained, elegant yard that melds effortlessly with typical neighborhood vibes, sprinkled with green touches and understated flower beds. In contrast, others yearn for verdant surroundings rich with trees and vibrant flowers, a concept less frequently seen in suburban settings. Whichever route you opt for, aim for a view that uplifts your spirits with each homecoming. Additionally, factor in the maintenance aspect when deciding on your garden’s layout and plants.

Lastly, for those blessed with an expansive wraparound porch on their barndominium, a myriad of styling opportunities await. Many homeowners place inviting signs near the entrance, exuding warmth and reflecting personal flair. The allure of hammocks, benches, and swaying rocking chairs is undeniable. However, it’s crucial to factor in durability. Opt for paint hues and materials resilient enough to withstand the typical rigors faced by porches.

Culinary Spaces & Dining Elegance

Designing the kitchen and dining space often evokes a blend of excitement and trepidation. These areas present a myriad of design opportunities, but harmonizing them with the broader aesthetic of the barndominium, while preserving their distinct charm, is a challenge.

Countertop selection typically tops the list of priorities. Homeowners find themselves delving deep into online galleries and visiting home decor outlets, visualizing the perfect fit for their envisioned kitchen. Granite countertops reign supreme among favorites. Renowned for their diverse hues and intricate patterns, they’re also resistant to scratches and stains. A note of caution: they require annual resealing for longevity.

barndominium interior kitchen

In the quest for excellence, quartz countertops also stand out. While generally pricier, they offer tangible advantages. The spectrum of color choices mirrors that of granite, but since quartz is partially manufactured, it offers more precision in matching desired shades. Its robustness surpasses granite, and its non-porous nature means fewer maintenance hassles. Plus, the engineered component of quartz nudges it towards a greener choice.

Moving on to cabinets, these can prove trickier than even countertops. One comforting thought: cabinets are more modifiable than countertops, so color and style decisions aren’t as permanent. Currently, the trend leans towards pristine white cabinets. This choice dovetails with the prevailing minimalist aesthetic, offering a sense of spaciousness, especially when paired with sleek stainless steel appliances and a light color palette.

Yet, there’s an emerging appreciation for the audacious. Dark cabinets juxtaposed against light countertops deliver a striking visual contrast. There’s also a revival of warm, earthy tones, hinting at a shift towards more organic, grounded palettes. Ultimately, it’s crucial to prioritize personal taste over fleeting trends, ensuring your kitchen remains a cherished space for the long haul.

Loving Your Living Space

The challenge of designing the living areas is in achieving that elusive ‘just right’ ambiance. With expansive spaces to consider, the task of incorporating every desired element can be a tad overwhelming. However, the unique structure of barndominiums, characterized by their open-concept design, facilitates a seamless unification of diverse design elements.

Owing to the elevated ceilings and functional lofts, barndominiums provide ample room for distinctive customization. Safety and style should go hand-in-hand when considering the stairways and lofts, especially if youngsters are part of your household. The design of stairs and their accompanying railings should be both chic and safe.

In the current design milieu, floating and spiral staircases are in vogue, introducing a distinct character to interiors. Given the myriad of color choices and railing designs, tailoring these staircases to your aesthetic preferences becomes a joyous endeavor.

barndominium interior great room

When delving into the design specifics of the main living area, the range of customizations is vast. It’s vital to pick paint colors that resonate with the overall vibe of the barndominium, but introducing an accent wall could be the twist you’re looking for. Be it through a contrasting paint shade or unique additions like shiplap or designer wallpapers, accent walls are a straightforward way to infuse personality without disrupting the holistic appeal.

For those who envision a fireplace within their barndominium, the design palette extends from brick selections to an eclectic mix of stones. The design journey doesn’t stop there; the choice of having a mantel or not is yours to make. And if you do decide on a mantel, it beckons further customization and decorative touches.

Flooring decisions, like the eternal hardwood versus carpet debate, are yet another design frontier. While some homeowners are staunch hardwood enthusiasts, advocating its continuity, others vouch for the comfort of carpets, especially in lofts and sleeping areas. Whichever you lean towards, the key lies in opting for designs and hues that are versatile and can transition with evolving design trends.

loft with seating area

Final Thoughts

Navigating the myriad choices in home design can indeed be daunting, given the spectrum of elements like countertop materials and wall hues. However, while practical considerations are essential, they needn’t compromise your aesthetic vision. Remembering these insights will inch you nearer to that ultimate choice.

Brianna Euler
Brianna Euler
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