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How to Design the Interior of a Barndominium

Creating a barndominium offers a delightful opportunity to mold a space that truly reflects your essence and creativity. For those looking for guidance or a spark of inspiration, here’s a rundown on crafting the perfect barndominium interior.

Designing Your Barndominium

In the process of conceptualizing your barndominium’s interior, it’s critical to reflect on your present lifestyle and envision your long-term requirements. These considerations will be pivotal in selecting a layout that aligns with your life’s evolving stages.

Crafting a barndominium is more than a headcount of bedrooms and bathrooms; it’s an imaginative exploration of space utilization. For remote workers, carving out a dedicated workspace is essential, be it a secluded office or a niche in the grand living area.

great room with fireplace and loft overhead

Lofts are a coveted design element in barndominiums, offering both aesthetic allure and versatile functionality. They can transform into an office, a quaint reading nook, or a secondary lounge area, enhancing the barndominium’s charm and practicality.

In your barndominium plans, also weigh the placement of windows for optimal natural illumination, unique staircases that serve as focal points, and accessibility measures to accommodate all phases of life. Thoughtful inclusion of features like ADA-compliant restrooms or ramps not only meets immediate needs but also anticipates future necessities, ensuring your barndominium remains a perfect fit for years to come.

Spacious living room with exposed beams and a fireplace

Interior Design Tips

Choosing Paint and Flooring

Paint and flooring are the quiet heroes of interior design, especially in barndominiums, where expansive layouts mean every choice resonates through the space. Neutral tones reign supreme for their versatility and the spacious illusion they create. Grey wood flooring is in vogue, striking a balance between contemporary and timeless.

Yet, there’s a growing affinity for warm and earthy hues, offering a challenge in coordinating decor, fixtures, and appliances to create a cohesive look. The trick is to balance broad appeal with personal touches—think statement walls and kitchen backsplashes that express your individuality, or rugs that segment open areas while adding texture and warmth.

Designing a barndominium is about blending functionality with personal taste, resulting in a home that not only meets your practical requirements but also resonates with your personal flair. Whether through color, structure, or detail, each element is a piece of the puzzle that forms your unique barndominium story.

Arranging Furniture

The abundant space in a barndominium can be both a luxury and a puzzle. With generous open areas, it’s easy to feel daunted by the task of organizing the space effectively while preserving the open feel that is characteristic of barndominium living.

Furniture arrangement is a strategic way to define different zones within your barndominium without disrupting the visual flow. Thoughtfully placed furnishings can create distinct living areas. For instance, angling a sofa to section off a portion of the room effortlessly carves out a cozy living space while maintaining an open concept.

Accentuating areas with rugs and lighting is another technique to signify their function and set them apart. A well-chosen rug can anchor the living room, distinguishing it from the dining or kitchen area. Similarly, distinctive floor lamps can elevate the ambiance of a space, signifying its purpose as a place to unwind and socialize, distinct from more utilitarian parts of the home.

barndominium interior great room

Seeking Design Inspiration

When it’s time to gather fresh ideas for your home design, diving into the world of Pinterest can be a treasure trove of innovation. The platform brims with a plethora of Pins offering creative insights on everything from color schemes and flooring options to inventive furniture setups. It’s a wellspring of creativity that might reveal possibilities you hadn’t considered before.

For those who prefer a more curated approach, television networks like HGTV provide a wealth of ideas through their programs and online content. Additionally, a variety of home decor magazines are available, catering to diverse aesthetics—from the rustic charm to sleek modernity and the playful retro vibe. These resources are excellent for finding tailored advice and item picks to suit any preferred interior design theme.

The art of interior design in a barndominium is a balancing act—merging open-plan living with defined spaces. Mastering this will render a barndominium that’s not only architecturally sound but also a testament to your personal vision and style. Remember, the final brushstroke of making your barndominium a home is in your hands. Turn your vision into your reality.

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