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Small Barndominium Plans

Small Barndominium Plans

When looking for a home, you want to find something that matches your needs. Oftentimes, what you see in the market today will be lacking somewhere: too expensive, too old, too big, too small, horrible layout, etc. The perk of building a home is being able to make it exactly how you want it, eliminating all the flaws you see when searching for a home.

Why Should I Get A Small Home Plan?

Small homes used to be seen as cramped and weren’t ideal. Most people were looking for something bigger, something grander, something with plenty of room for anything they could want. However, it’s becoming a trend to go for smaller homes. Many people are looking to have a smaller ecological footprint as well as something economically friendly. Smaller homes are perfect for achieving both of those.

With less to build, there’s less materials to buy, making smaller homes perfect for those wanting to spend less on building a home. Ranch style homes are the typical small house people go for, but there are plenty of small 2-story barndominiums as well. Just because you’re saving money doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing quality. You’ll still be able to get vaulted ceilings and attached garages if that’s something you’re looking for. You can also have plenty of bedrooms in a smaller home, so if you have kids or want extra rooms, you don’t have to give up on the idea of a smaller home.

small black barndominium style house plan

When it comes to being eco-friendly, small barndominiums are a great fit. Since they’re smaller, they’re taking up much less space than bigger ones will, meaning less harm to the surrounding land. Barndominiums are also perfect for solar panels, meaning you’ll be saving money while also getting clean energy. Small barndominiums are also eco-friendly by being small, meaning fewer materials being used for building. This allows for less waste being produced during the building process as well as with the manufacturing of materials. This is especially true if you get a metal building kit because the spare steel from the production of materials gets recycled directly within the plant.

If you want something for your parents to stay in or use as a guesthouse, small barndominiums are great for that. We have seen a surge of people building in-law suites and “granny pods.” These are great for those looking to keep their family close or to give their aging relatives a safe place to live where they’ll have independence but not be isolated. Many people are starting to have multi-generational homes, but not everyone wants their family to live directly in the same space as them. Making an in-law suite is a great solution for that because you’ll still have everyone close and involved while also giving everyone their own space where they can unwind and relax.

What Will A Small Barndominium Look Like?

If you’ve looked at barndominiums, you’re likely used to seeing these large, extravagant homes with large attached garages. However, small barndominiums are still just as elegant and eye-catching as the large ones. While it may appear that the larger barndominiums are going to be more luxurious and offer more functionality for your family, that isn’t the case. Yes, large barndominiums are great and offer a lot for you and your family, but small barndominiums can do just the same.

white shophouse with 2 car garage and gable over the front entryway

Small barndominiums have a lot to offer despite their small appearance. On the inside, you’ll find vaulted ceilings in the great room, making even the smallest of spaces feel large. The kitchen will be spacious with plenty of counter space to cook and entertain. A fireplace can sit in the great room, the perfect place to snuggle up with loved ones. The master suite is a retreat, with spacious closets and a large bathroom. The interior has an open floor plan so it really makes the house feel bigger than it looks. Garages can either be directly attached or use a breezeway to attach it to the home, giving off an air of elegance while being highly functional.

Many of the smaller barndominiums also double as shop houses, or “shouses.” These smaller homes have plenty of space in the garage to be used as a shop. Some plans even have a bathroom in the shop area so that when you’re working on a project, you don’t need to trek through the house to use the restroom, possibly leaving a trail indicating that you’ve clearly been sanding things down. Many people love the small shophouses because it’s just them and their spouse, but they also want somewhere to do their projects. This way, there’s still the perfect amount of living space but with a sizable shop to work with.

Combining the style of a barndominium with the functionality of a shophouse, you’ll get the best of both worlds. You’ll have an elegant home where you can freely do projects without feeling cramped. Just because the garage/shop area is sizable doesn’t mean you’ll have a miniscule living area. Just as with typical barndominiums, you’ll have vaulted ceilings in the great room and a spacious master suite. The only main difference between a small barndominium and a small shophouse is the focus on functionality of the garage and how much space should be dedicated to that. So instead of having a few large rooms, you may want to opt to shrink down on the number of rooms or their size to make a larger shop area. If you don’t need a large shop, you can dedicate just a small space for that and make more space for larger bedrooms or an extra room. The options are endless.

If you’ve been wanting to build a house but feel as though the common size of homes doesn’t fit your needs, a small house would be perfect for you. Small homes don’t have to be boring and barndominiums prove that. With their sleek elegance and open floor plans, you’ll only regret that you didn’t make the choice to go with a small barndominium sooner.

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