Thursday, December 2, 2021

Metal Building Barndominium Plan BM2174

wood barndominium


Look at what you get in just under 2200 square feet. 3 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath barndominium with an attached shop and garage. The front has an inviting entrance with a covered awning and the roof in the rear of the house extends out over a large covered patio. To save space we have added a large spiral staircase to the second floor. This plan would be perfect for a metal building home kit.

A first floor master suite has a large bathroom with a washer and dryer in the walk-in closet. Sliding door from the master suite open onto a covered back porch. Check out our new Black Barndo


Pricing: Stock Plan $1,050

Modify this plan $1,750

Custom design: call for pricing

Customize the black barndo #2174 in 10 days!

Our new Accelerated Custom Design program can get a first draft in your hands in as little as 10 days. 



sq ft







2 Car




Total Heated Square Footage: 2174

Optional foundations: slab, crawl, basement

Bedrooms: 3

Flex rooms: 1

Bathrooms: 3 1/2

Bathroom Including Large Shower and Double Vanity

Walk-In Closet



-First Floor Plan
-Second Floor Plan
-Roof Plan
-Front and Rear Elevation
-Right and Left Elevation
-First & Second Floor Electrical Plan
-First & Second Floor Plumbing Plan
-First & Second Floor HVAC Plan
-Foundation Plan
-Roof Framing Plan
-Second Floor I-Joist Plan
-Doors & Windows Schedule

All house plans on were designed to accommodate the local codes and requirements at the time & location the original house was designed, these may not fall directly in line with your local regulations, and it is your responsibility to follow up with your local building department to ensure compliance is accomplished. All stock, custom or modified plan purchases are final, and we cannot refund or exchange any plan after date of purchase.

In addition to the house plans you order; many jurisdictions require a site plan be drawn up that indicates where on the property the structure will be placed. For an additional fee, BuildMax may be able to assist in the design of the site plan if you provide us with the plot plan or deed descriptions. Some areas of the country require specific beam size for roof loads depending upon snowfall in the region. If your lot is not tied to a sanitary sewer system you may also need a septic design to be drawn by a licensed professional. Many areas now have area-specific energy codes that also must be followed to certain specifications. There are several free energy code calculators online that your local building department may accept. Your builder may also be able to help with this.

In some regions, there are additional steps you will need to take to insure your house plans follow local codes. Some areas of North America have extremely strict structural engineering requirements. Examples of this would be things like areas of California and the Pacific Coast that are on active fault lines and more prone to natural disasters, areas at risk for tropical storms and hurricanes such as the East coast, the Gulf coast & the Carolinas. Tornado Alley in the Midwest will most certainly have interesting structural engineering requirements set in place. Also New York, New Jersey, Nevada, and parts of Illinois require review by a local professional as well. If you are building in these areas, count on having to hire a state licensed structural engineer to look over and approve the designs and potentially provide additional drawings and recalculations required by your building department. Pretty much every region of the United States has some type of specific requirement due to natural elements, you may need to leave room in your budget for the purchase CAD drawings so an engineer or architect can make the appropriate changes needed. Building departments typically have a print-out they will provide you listing all the items they require to obtain a building permit.

Something else to be aware of with stock plans, they do not have a professional stamp attached. If your building department requires one, this means they will only accept a stamp from a professional that is licensed in the state where you plan to build. In this case, you will need to take your house plans to a local engineer or architect for a full review and a stamp showing the plans have been approved by a state licensed architect or engineer. In addition to this, plans which are used to construct homes in the state of Nevada are required to be drawn by a licensed Nevada architect. If you are not fully aware of all the Local regulations just go down and check with your local building department, they will be able to provide you with every code requirement and specification you need for your plans to be 100% compliant with the local regulations in your area.

A metal building barndominium, or a barndo as they are commonly called, is a metal building that has been designed for residential use. The flexibility of building a barndominium is the selection of material choices and construction methods. You can stick-build a barndo and add metal on the exterior and roof or you can use a steel frame and some people even build barndominiums using the pole barn method. Either way when your home is completed your friends and family will never know what's behind that beautiful shiplap, cedar siding or rustic barn wood interior.

Some owners have chosen to design shop houses. A SHouse or a shop house is exactly what it sounds like. A shop and a house combo. In many cases these styles of homes have larger shop areas and the living space is somewhat smaller.

Barndominiums with their free spanning roofs give you more flexibility than any other house style on the market.

Common Features of Barndominiums 

Some common characteristics and features of a barndominium are: 

  • Open floor plans in the kitchen, living room and dining room
  • Vaulted ceilings with exposed beams
  • Spiral staircases  
  • Interior barn door sliders
  • Slab foundations
  • Metal roofing & siding 
  • Covered porches

BuildMax can custom design a metal building barndominium and metal building floor plans from scratch.